Email marketing is incredibly important for salespeople

 — especially real estate agents.  It’s the most effective and cost-efficient way to stay top of mind with prospects.  Things are a little different, though, for real estate agents using email marketing than for others selling tangible products. You’ve probably thought often to yourself that you aren’t selling anything to your clients - you’re building relationships with them and advising them through an important journey - so why would you use email marketing? You should. You need to get them to open your emails, and look forward to getting your next message in their inbox to connect with them.

Establishing trust, by demonstrating you’re human — like your audience is,  that you have the expertise to help them navigate the largest purchase, or sale, of most peoples lives, by making a personal connection, through email marketing. You may want to call them and follow up, but these days people are averse to telephone calls - with an epidemic of “spoofed” calls people are none too quick to answer a “strange number” so you have to find a way to make that number “familiar” so they will take your call.


Shouldn’t Your Email Marketing Reflect That?

We’ll make the answer easy for you: YES. Yes, it should.  We’re well into the information age, and consumers have all of the data they need at their fingertips.  If they’re going to ask for help, they don't want to be marketed to.  They want to find out which real estate agent will act as an advisor, protect their specific interests, and be someone they will know and like.

It sounds easy, right? It is if you understand how to connect, and what kind of messages you should write to make that connection. Just sending data, reports and market statistics isn’t enough to build any value for the people in your database, you need to show compassion and demonstrate your expertise and proficiency in the industry if you want to be the one they call when they need you, and not just another source of data. It is a lot easier for salespeople with products isn’t it? But why?

It is important to understand the difference for real estate agents.  To keep in mind what email marketing is for most salespeople, they are showcasing products that can be bought online with quick decisions and a few clicks. The real estate salesperson is showcasing their services, and expertise as the product. The real estate sales process can take months, even years, and the ability for a real estate agent to relate to their customers during the entire "thinking phase" is integral to the success of the conversion. The real estate salesperson has to demonstrate their expertise in the process, as well as everything related to finding a home or a buyer for every property.

A series of well-written emails will convey that you're the right person, it's what email marketing is all about.  

What that message looks like: something you sat down and wrote that day, person to person, it feels personal and personalized above all else. With the right strategy, email shows that you care, that you’re available to help, and that you’re human — just like your “peoplebase.”  (Clarification: Peoplebase is your Database of People, your contacts, people you know, your sphere of influence).

If you want to take it a step further handwritten note cards are a great way to really stand out and connect emotionally with a potential client. We make that easy too, so be sure to ask how if you would like to stand even further out from the crowd and rise clearly above the masses. It’s our latest addition, and one limited in availability, so be sure to act quickly if you want to secure your market before someone else does.

Emailing a pool of contacts in a personal way, checking in, and asking pertinent questions, you garner a much greater response than a newsletter, sales pitch, or list of accomplishments. If they want to know your credentials and qualifications they will find it themselves, you don’t need to promote it, just make sure your profiles are updated and your customer testimonials are up to date.

People don’t want to be “talked to” they would like to “talk with” you. They want you to listen to their needs, desires, and goals. Your peoplebase feels like it can ask honest questions and get a human response — and that’s what people are looking for.  You have to convey the real, authentic and genuine you - with your passion for helping people with their real estate needs on display.

Real Estate Marketing Content Written For You

Here are 4 easy and simple tips to follow when writing those emails:

1. Avoid email templates.  

The more it looks like a simple message, the more human you are, and the more likely someone will want to respond. Keep it short, sweet and simple. A quick note to thank them for visiting your open house, or for reaching out for information on a listing, whatever it is - make it as simple, personal and relevant as you can.

2. Ask questions. 

The best way to gain a response is by asking a question somewhere in the email.  Try to learn what the person wants from the transaction and what questions they have. Think of something that is important to all real estate consumers, or just ask them what their needs, goals, and dreams are, they all apply to real estate purchases and sales. Be certain to keep those notes in your database, nothing shuts a conversation down quicker than asking the same question twice, or thrice. You may be connecting with an entire "people-base" but the people should never even suspect. Recall is essential in relationship building - pay attention to other people, and ask about them, don’t talk about yourself, they know what you do.

3. Keep the email short.  

A short message is easy to read.  Be direct and to the point, and they’ll understand the message you want to communicate. Seriously, short and sweet as we said before. We can’t stress the importance of this enough.

4. Begin a conversation.  

Share information in your email that isn’t about real estate or being a real estate agent — offer something that’s intrinsically valuable to you recipients.  Send an interesting article, recommend a great local restaurant, or talk about a fun activity in your area…and always ask a question about the things they enjoy.  It makes you likable, helpful, and relatable.

Some recipients will respond to your emails right away because you caught them in their moment of need. Others will take months to be ready.  Nonetheless, by continuing to reach out in a personal, human way, you will nurture a relationship with them, and they will call you when they’re ready to move forward.

Consistency is the key and an essential element of being there at the time of need — when that individual has a need for your services. Top of mind is the top priority, but never in an overbearing, demanding or insincere way. You must let them know you care, to make that connection and establish trust.

These email marketing strategies remove the fluff and zero-in on what your job as a real estate agent is all about: being an honest person who is helping another person. Showing you truly care, and do this thing called real estate because you want to make a difference by serving an essential need everyone has - a place to call home.

And your "peoplebase" appreciates that.

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  1. These are really informative tips to follow when writing those emails. I agree with that Email marketing is incredibly important for sales , especially for real estate agents. Thanks for sharing this. I appreciate your work..!!

  2. Great post! These are great tips. I love how you mentioned to avoid e-mail templates. It definitely makes e-mails feel less personal and that is not what you want when e-mailing with a potential client. I also like your last tip to make the e-mail more personal. It helps build trust within the client agent relationship. Thanks for sharing!

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