Spam Policy

Ugh. We hate spam even more than you do.

Happy Grasshopper’s automated email marketing program has a zero tolerance spam policy. We actively monitor the addresses that are uploaded into our system. Any customer found to be violating our anti-spam policy will immediately be cancelled.

Every email we send contains a mandatory unsubscribe link and physical address of the sender.

What is Spam?
Spam is unsolicited bulk email that is sent indiscriminately.

Is sending Spam Illegal?

The federal anti-spam legislation was enacted on January 1st, 2004. This law made sending spam illegal. The law outlines requirements for sending commercial email. The penalties can include fines and/or imprisonment. We are committed to remaining Can-Spam compliant.

Happy Grasshopper WILL NOT Spam for You

  • Unsubscribe– Every email sent from Happy Grasshopper contains an unsubscribe link.
  • Identification – Each messages “From” address identifies you as the sender. Your email footer contains all the proper data required by the federal government including your physical address.

How to avoid sending Spam

  • Don’t use a purchased list of ANY kind.
  • Don’t send to generic emails like info@ or sales@
  • Don’t send email to people you don’t know.

For a full list of the anti-spam guidelines, visit the Bureau of Consumer Protection Website here: