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Forbes Recognizes Happy Grasshopper as a Top Real Estate Tool for content and email marketing
Happy Grasshopper helps real estate agents and brokers with content for email marketing, lead conversion, referral generation, and agent recruiting efforts

The truth is you have a lot on your plate when it comes to being successful in real estate…

You might be struggling with:

Figuring out your messy “rat’s nest” of contact information

  • Your database is fragmented– contacts are spread across your phone, email, CRM, etc– and you’re having trouble getting the right data together in one place.

  • You’re unclear on how to group your contacts, and the information that’s important to track for each group.

  • You know this is costing you.

You just want it fixed so you can stop stressing about it.

Keeping in touch without being annoying

  • You’re not sure what to send, when to send it, or how long to keep sending.

  • The ‘one-size-fits-all’ content that came with your CRM feels wrong.

  • You want a complete content plan you’re proud of.

You just want this done, but doing it feels harder than it should.

Setting up and managing multi-channel drip

  • It's hard enough to manage email, and you're not sure about best practices for text or ringless voicemail drops.

  • You're worried what will happen if you get this wrong. Will people complain? Could you be sued? The answer is yes.

  • You know there's a knowledge gap here and are concerned your competition will figure it out before you do.

You're willing to invest in getting it right, you're just not sure what to do.

Getting your systems to communicate with each other and automate the 'right things'

  • Your lead capture, routing, nurturing, and reporting systems are fragmented and leaky.

  • Your tools and data feel disconnected, the same things are named or structured differently across tools.

  • Reporting takes a lot of manual work & data cleanup.

  • The team can never seem to follow the process.

You just want to know what tools to use and how to get them set up without a bunch of manual work.

Figuring out recruitment, lead conversion, and past client & sphere nurturing

  • It’s unclear if what you’re doing now is working as well as it could be.

  • You don’t have enough time to focus on these priorities.

  • Your results aren’t predictable

You just want to know what’s wrong and what to do about it.

Constantly having to fight change

  • You’re tired of changing tools and processes only to end up back where you started.

  • The team can never quite seem to follow the process or keep their inputs clean.

  • There are always little errors or holdouts that prevent you from truly automating your database communications.

You just want to set up a process that’s actually going to work long-term and be scalable.

You want to fix it,
and know you need help...

(You're not alone and don't have to figure this out by yourself!)

Happy Grasshopper® is a technology-leveraged service firm. We're a fun & friendly band of professional copywriters, software engineers, and data geeks working together to eliminate the frustrations of organizing, messaging, and managing all the people in your database.

Since 2010, we’ve been tracking every message we've delivered. This means our team doesn’t have to guess– we have over 1 billion points of data to rely on when designing your communication plan.

Our unfair advantages are TALENT and DATA.

How It Works:

We'll assign an account manager to serve as your Success Coach.
They'll lead you through FOUR STEPS:

1) Tech Call     2) Copywriter Interview     3) Review     4) Launch  

STEP ONE: Tech Call

In this 20-minute call, you'll meet your Success Coach, whose only role is to help you succeed with Happy Grasshopper®.

We'll import and organize your existing contacts, and audit your current lead sources, follow-up practices, and results. If your contacts are a mess, don't worry. We'll soon have it cleaned up and ready for messaging.

Expect to feel a great sense of relief by the end of this call!

"Just closed a $1.7M buyer from a ringless voicemail drop."      

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STEP TWO: Interview

Our writing staff will use this one-hour appointment to capture your communication style.

Prior to the appointment, we'll ask you to complete an online assessment. This way, we'll get your best answers during the interview instead of just your first answers. Members are often amazed at the quality of our work and ask us to work on additional projects, so we'll save 'your voice' for future use.

"This is amazing. I am getting replies already! It's so good I can't believe it! THANK YOU!!"      

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Our writing staff will use this one-hour appointment to capture your communication style.

While we're experts in content– you're the expert in how to sound like you!

A favorite example is of a client in Florida, who was raised in Boston. He's never had a good day, but many wicked awesome ones. Accurate use of your tone, voice, and vernacular is what this step is all about. We'll share your content via a Google Doc, so you can comment directly at a time that's convenient for you.

"We just launched today and I got a response from someone I haven't talked to in over a year! This is awesome!!"      

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In this 20-30 minute call, you'll become familiar with exactly how our system works. 

Before the call, your Success Coach will have loaded your contacts and content. The automation will have been setup and tested– everything will be ready!

We'll take the time to make sure you're comfortable and will continue to support you after the launch.

In fact, we'll be monitoring the reporting data in your account for as long as you're a member of Happy Grasshopper® and using that data to improve your results.

"I love the engagement! Thank you for helping me grow my business! Happy Grasshopper is the best!"      

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We Can Do it All Without...

✅   Changing all your tools & processes.

✅   Forcing you into new business models.

✅   Throwing away your historical data.

✅   Taking up a ton of your (or your teams') time.

✅   Doing work that ends up useless without us.

✅   Without competing with, or replacing your software, marketing,             or coaching vendors.

Apply for a discussion with one of our consultants to see if our products or services can help your business.

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Overall Rating: 5/5

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Overall Rating: 5/5

"Thank God for this class! I was going to pull all my hair out if I had to keep cold calling LOL. BTW, I sent the congrats text you mentioned and already have replies. I can't believe how quickly it worked. Next, I'm going to try your social media idea on a few of my agents and I'll let you know how it goes. Thanks again!!" - Monica R.    

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