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The most effective automated marketing and
follow up service for Realtors and salespeople. 

Join over 10,000 members who rely on Happy Grasshopper for
Lead Conversion,  Recruitment and Generating More business from their 
 Past Clients and Sphere of influence.

Happy Grasshopper empowers you to win more

sales, referrals, and recruits.

Happy Grasshopper empowers you to win more sales,
referrals, and recruits.

Why you need Happy Grasshopper

The relationships you create in business are responsible for your results. Want more sales? You need a better means of building real relationships with everyone you meet. Happy Grasshopper gives you the POWER to achieve any goal.

Your database is your most valuable asset... and you're failing to capitalize on it!

Organization made easy

We'll take your tired, busted, rat's nest of a database and turn it into an organized symphony of timely, relevant communication that perfectly reflects who you are– including EMAIL, TEXT, VOICEMAIL DROP, HANDWRITTEN CARDS, an integration with Facebook Messenger, and CONTENT for SOCIAL MEDIA. 


What you can do with Happy Grasshopper

Email Excellence

Yep. Still the highest return in marketing. We'll open your eyes to how powerful this workhorse can be.

Handwritten Cards

Our robot hands craft organic-looking messages on Hallmark quality cards. Stamped and delivered for you. 

Voicemail Drops

Increase lead response and conversion by dropping strategic voicemails without ringing their phones. <Muahahaha!>

Facebook Messenger

We'll queue up the people engaging with your other content for easy reach out via Messenger.

Text messaging

Massive open rates. Phenomenal reply rates, and risky, risky, risky if you're doing it wrong. 

Social Media Content

Conversation starting posts curated for you by our crack team of professional writers and social media experts.

we believe you should be seriously happy

we believe you should be 
seriously happy

FACT:    It's hard to be happy if you're broke.  😳

Happy Grasshopper can help you tap into the brilliance and abundance that's hiding in your contact list right now.

FACT:     You've already tried to clean up your database... and failed.   😵

That's okay! We'll take your contacts in any format, de-duplicate them, title case correct them, and even put them in the right groups for messaging.

FACT:     Happy Grasshopper members have earned over a BILLION dollars in commission.   🤑

We're trusted by some of the highest earning salespeople, teams and organizations in the world. Ask around and you'll find a long history of raving fans. 

You'll succeed when you have the right...


You don't have to come off as a pushy salesperson.


Created and delivered
for you.


Our team makes
everything work!

Get instant access to The Healthy Database Checklist now!

Grab this FREE checklist to discover how you can maximize engagement with your database while increasing your ability to get referrals. And WITHOUT spending more time on social media!

What our customers are saying:

I got a 4.8 million dollar listing from a message I sent!

"I cannot say enough nice things about the Happy Grasshopper team. They’ve been incredibly responsive and helpful with getting my account set up, exporting & tagging data to my Follow Up Boss database, and launching my campaigns. I got a 4.8 million dollar listing from a message I sent!"

Andrew Pikoff //  Broker Associate, The Pikoff Team

Thank you for keeping my clients happy and engaged!

"Since I started in 2014, Happy Grasshopper has been my favorite marketing tool. I will continue recommending this great service to all my friends. Thank you for keeping my clients happy and engaged.....(I think they think I am so clever! They keep coming back for more.)”

Cindy Rasmussen //  Realtor

The fastest, most dependable​​​​ way
​​​​to increase sales


Database Organization. We'll tame your database monster by gathering your contacts from everywhere. Then we'll de-duplicate them, fix the title case (so you're never ALL-CAPS SHOUTING AT PEOPLE!) and put them into the right groups for on-going messaging. 


Smart Automation. Our service is setup to catch your leads via API, Zapier, Piesync, and email parsing. This means that almost everywhere you generate opportunity, Happy Grasshopper can COMPLETELY automate your follow-up!  


Fantastic Content - done for you! Our team of professional copywriters know what it takes to help you stand out. We deliver hundreds of millions of messages each year and use the data from those sends to constantly improve your results!

DAN STEWART  //  Founder

I'm on a mission to connect the world in conversation by breaking down the barriers between people who sell things and those who buy them.

Dan Stewart

Serial Entrepreneur, Dad,
4-time Inc. 500|5,000 Honoree

Join Over 10,000 Happy Customers

Convert strangers into appointments!

"Happy Grasshopper’s positive and powerful email content has proven to convert strangers into appointments."

John Mangas  //  Co-Owner & Broker, RE/MAX Preferred

I've made over $100,000 on accounts I would have lost had I not stayed in touch with them through Happy Grasshopper.

"I've made over $100,000 on accounts I would have lost had I not stayed in touch with them through Happy Grasshopper. It’s a great way to stay in front of prospects and customers you wouldn’t normally be able to reach.”

Renee Musicus  //  Energy Consultant & Broker, Gold Star Energy Group

We made dozens of appointments and we're already scheduling closings with some of them.

"We had old leads I’d given up on. We’d been trying to reach some of those leads for years. Then, within a few weeks of connecting with them through Happy Grasshopper, we made dozens of appointments and we’re already scheduling closings with some of them.”

Marc Bruno  //  Realtor




100% Happiness Gu​​​​arantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you're not happy, we'll work to make it right.

Dan Stewart

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