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Whether you're a brand-new salesperson or the leader of a multinational franchise, our proven team of expert copywriters can help you convert leads, generate referrals, and recruit the right people to achieve your goals. 

Over $1 BILLION in commissions generated for salespeople at organizations like these...

Real Estate  • Mortgage • Insurance • Title • Automotive • Small Business
Health Care • Financial Services • and dozens more

Our clients are amazed with the response they get by simply re-engaging their database.

"My team is converting leads we had given up on years ago."

"We made dozens of appointments and are already scheduling some closings!"

Marc Bruno

We had leads we'd tried to reach for years that we'd completely given up on. Within a few weeks of using Happy Grasshopper we can already see its impact on our business... keep reading >>

"I got a listing from my very first send."

Brenda Pieper

I don’t even remember meeting this woman, but I guess we exchanged information in line at a Starbucks. Your message just happened to reach her at the perfect moment and she responded saying she is ready to buy... keep reading >>

Recruiting great people is the most important thing you can do for your business.

“We are meeting our recruiting goals in less time with less effort.”

"We met our annual recruiting goal in the first two months!"

Sara MacLennan

Happy Grasshopper saves me time, and the messages have attracted many more agents who identify with the same values and approaches in real estate as the Liv brokerage. I love Happy Grasshopper... keep reading >>

"We've already added 8 new members to our team."

Steve Kloetsch

Marketing is all about differentiation, whether you’re selling real estate or bubble gum. Happy Grasshopper really captured each element of what we have to offer... keep reading >>

Our clients routinely report getting a return on their investment after their very first send.

"This system has given me the biggest return of any business investment I have made in the past year."

"I'm going to end up making $90,000 in commissions from that one email."

Brent Dalley

Happy Grasshopper has paid for itself and so much more in the first 30 days. I’ve gotten 15 deals.... keep reading >>

"I have 100% confidence in Happy Grasshopper."

Chelsea Peitz

My job is to help REALTORS® make money and Happy Grasshopper fits the bill....
keep reading >>

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