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We write and deliver amazing follow-up email for salespeople.

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Happy Grasshopper gets me massive results by consistently and effectively communicating with my leads, sphere, past clients and the rest of my database. Happy Grasshopper equals ROI for my team.
Ben Kinney is the CEO of Homes4Investment and was ranked the 3rd highest producing agent in Keller Williams in 2013.

So what, exactly,
is Happy Grasshopper?

Happy Grasshopper is a different kind of email company. Unlike traditional email marketing tools that cater to brands and marketers, our services are specifically designed to get results for salespeople. We help individuals, teams and enterprises solve their email follow-up problems.

Over 20 million messages delivered, 970,000 conversations started and $440 million in sales.

3 Great Follow-Up Solutions

Made with love specifically for salespeople!

Convert More Leads

Custom, lead-response email campaigns that get the buyer to stop shopping and choose you! Our service is fully guaranteed – in fact, we’ll only write for you once we are certain it will work. Then we’ll load your campaign into our patent-pending system and instantly respond to leads from any source.

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Find the Right Recruits

To reach your goals, you need more than warm bodies. You need people who are a cultural fit. Our writers will create a custom campaign that will help you know people fit before they start. Then, we’ll load it into our patent-pending system and allow you to effortlessly engage tens, hundreds or thousands of potential agents.

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Keep in Touch with Your Sphere

Fun, friendly keep-in-touch email written and delivered for you. Our writers do the work. You simply pick a message, edit if you choose and approve for delivery. Thousands of agents rely on us to start conversations and keep them top of mind. Simply upload a list of your past clients, friends, and referral partners to our system. Results are guaranteed!

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