Dan gets you where you want to go with the power of Happy Grasshopper

Company Background

This is How Our Story Started

As a serial entrepreneur and founder of seven companies, I've failed (and succeeded) more than most. Along the way, I learned the difference maker is the quality of the people we're able to attract. Today, I'm privileged to lead an amazing team of people dedicated to helping our members achieve their goals.

Dan Stewart

7x Founder, 4x Failure, 4x Inc. 500 | 5,000

Mission & Vision

"While no single conversation is guaranteed to change the trajectory of a career, a company, a relationship, or a life–any single conversation can."

Susan Scott, Author
Fierce Conversations


Happy Grasshopper exists to connect the world in conversation.


To be the most passionately referred service in our industry.

Core Values


We deeply listen and strive to understand. 


Actions guided by intentions create results.


We tirelessly pursue the achievement of our goals.


Opportunity is everywhere with the right mindset.


Transparency is critical to improvement.


Consistency equals professionalism.


We set aside our egos in the quest for victory.


Time-on-task over time achieves everything.

Our Beliefs

Conversation leads to contracts 

People buy from those they know, like, and trust– and becoming that person happens fastest in conversation. Think about it… conversation is where we fall in love, raise our children, and negotiate on behalf of our clients. It’s fundamental to our humanity. Happy Grasshopper is proven to start the conversations that lead to sales. 

If it looks like marketing, it's safe to ignore

Thousands of times per day, marketers scramble for our attention. You (and your clients) have grown immune to flimsy sales and marketing tactics. So what works today? What cuts through the noise and allows your message to be heard? Personal, relationship-based communication.

There are only two kinds of people in your database

It’s quite simple, really, because there are only two kinds of people alive: those who know us, and those who don’t. Hundreds of millions of messages have proven this distinction far more impactful than click-bait subject lines and flimsy calls to action. What this means is that organizing your database for communication by relationship is the easy hack to better results.

Contacts are worthless. Relationships are priceless

The quality of your relationships determines your ultimate success in life and business. You’ll go farther, faster by tapping into the relationships you have than by focusing on the sheer volume of contacts you collect (or buy, God forbid). Even better, when you’re regularly communicating with the people in your life, you enjoy a sense of connectedness with your community.