5 Tips to Tune Up Your Real Estate Business

You’ve Got Time to Catch Up, Now.So, Tune Up Your Database,and Your Real Estate Business.Whether you are in a market where real estate agents are considered essential employees or not, I am sure you have a little extra time each day to apply to grow and improve your business and it’s processes. Since most everything is […]

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1 Happy Grasshopper Announces Free Content for Every REALTORⓇ

PRESS RELEASEHappy Grasshopper Announces Free Content for Every REALTORⓇIn times of crisis, we all must do our part. Today we launch HG Free. [SAFETY HARBOR, FLA. March 31, 2020]  Dan Stewart, CEO of Happy Grasshopper, today announced the creation of free messaging content for all real estate agents, teams and brokers, whether or not they […]

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1 Real Estate is a Forward Thinking Industry

An op-ed by Maya Paveza, Associate Broker and REALTOR & Content Strategist/Writer.Now is not the time to close up shop and cancel services, it’s time to buckle down and focus on business building activities.Real Estate has always been a forward thinking business. As an agent you are taught to keep your pipeline filled, think 90+ […]

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1 Overcoming Fear to find strength: Don’t Sell Yourself Short

Don’t Sell Yourself Short, You’re Capable of Amazing Things.In times of uncertainty—strength and resilience—become even more important. Those qualities are within all of us, even if we don’t feel them at that moment. In our normal lives, we’re tested every day, not always aware of those moments. We don’t realize what we strive to achieve and […]

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Happy Grasshopper Partners with PieSync

PIESYNC Happygrasshopper

Happy Grasshopper Partners with PieSync, Software to Help Synchronize CRM Data At Happy Grasshopper, we strive to provide our members with the best in automated marketing solutions via a variety of mediums. We offer our unique experience with database marketing to differentiate the services available to our membership. We use state-of-the-art tools, as well as […]

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Real Estate Marketing Trends for Agents and Brokers

Generational preferences in real estate marketing are changing, are your methods changing along with them?Real estate marketing has always been an essential method for real estate agents and brokers to attract new clients and expand their market foot print. Today we will take a look at generational preferences in real estate marketing and communication.Throughout the […]

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Commercial Real Estate Trends 2020

2020 Could Be a Banner Year for Commercial Real EstateThe US economy has been experiencing a lengthy expansion. There are some indications that in 2020, this growth may slow down due to weak manufacturing, and uncertainty about the outcomes of the upcoming Presidential election and current trade negotiations, as well as global health issues. The […]

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