Do you have a healthy database?

database health mattersThe last time you went to your physician’s office for a check-up, was everything great? I sure hope so. If you passed with flying colors, it probably made you feel good. You may need to make some adjustments to your diet or exercise routine but, hopefully – overall – you were in good health. Database health and maintenance are just as important. If your database isn’t healthy your email campaign and referral programs won’t be either.

Of course, the reason we have physical check-ups is not to make us feel good. We go to find out if something’s wrong so we can take action to fix it.

That’s the precise reason you ought to conduct regular check-ups of your database. As our good friend DatabaseDan says: “If your database isn’t healthy, your business isn’t healthy.”

Your Healthy Database Checklist

Just as your physician went over a checklist to determine the state of your health, you should have a checklist to determine the health of your database…is it meeting your needs and performing the way it ought for you? Here are some of the things your checklist should include:

  • Is everyone’s contact information in one place?
  • Does the contact information include the contact’s name, address, email, and phone?
  • Is there a place where other information – birthday, anniversary, hobbies, passions, etc. – is stored?
  • Are contacts “tagged” by their relationship to you or the lead source – e.g. friend, family member, sphere, past client, old lead (re-engage), lead from Facebook, website, and other online and offline sources?
  • Is a plan in place to keep in touch, with continuing relevant messages created and sent to each contact, according to how they are tagged?

Database Health and Maintenance Shouldn’t Be Difficult, We Can Help!

Are you sure your database is healthy? If you have questions, fill out the form below and we’ll send you our complete E-Nurturing Checklist!

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