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Guaranteed to Work.

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So what, exactly, is Position-Me™?

Position-Me helps professional salespeople get better results from email marketing. Unlike other drip systems, Position-Me is focused on getting the prospect to stop shopping and choose you. Every campaign is specifically crafted to fit your personality, your strengths, and your market. Position-Me connects to all your lead sources and is compatible with any website. 

How does Position-Me work?

Each Position-Me campaign has three purposes. First, we deliver immediate follow-up that is designed to create an inbound phone call or request for appointment. Second, we separate you from your competition by delivering powerful positioning statements. Third, we continue to nurture leads over time with a conversation starting campaign based on your knowledge, interests and personality.


We capture leads from any source that sends you a lead notification via email.
Simply CC us and our system will take it from there.

Not sure how to make this happen? Don't worry, we set it all up for you.


No matter the lead source, Position-Me responds immediately and intelligently. It sends email messages that aren’t just relevant to the source, but also to the time the lead was received. This means that a 2:00 a.m. web lead will get a different response than a 10:00 a.m. web lead.


People shopping online are looking for more than just information; they are seeking the support of a helpful professional who can be their advocate, who can advise them, and be a source of expertise. They need a reason to choose you, and that is exactly what our positioning messages give them.


Many people shop long before they are ready to buy, especially when it’s for something big, like a car, a loan, or a new home. The nurturing phase is designed to help you develop, nurture, and maintain the relationships you need to earn people’s trust and win their business.