Case Study: Email Replies that Lead to Closings

Case Study: Email Replies that Lead to Closings

“I appreciate the email follow-up. If it’s any representation of your agency, then I am sure you will exceed expectations…”

This is an actual reply to the drip campaigns that Ryan Poppe and Jeff Brown, real estate agents in Durango, CO, are sending from Happy Grasshopper. The best part is it’s not the only one. They get replies like this weekly.

Ryan took the time to reach out (thanks, Ryan!) to let us know about all the replies his Happy Grasshopper emails have been getting.

This is what the perfect follow-up reply looks like:


Pretty awesome, right? And it’s all due to the messages Ryan and Jeff have been sending that:

1) are engaging, personal, and show they’re about building relationships
2) ask questions and use the information gap, driving Jessica to respond
3) continue to send

Jessica replied to the third email Ryan and Jeff sent through Happy Grasshopper. She sees their continued follow-up as evidence they care, and through the HG system, Ryan and Jeff will continue to nurture that relationship by staying in touch long-term.

Here’s how Ryan put it:

“Obviously, we do extensive phone follow-up and send listing updates, but this specific lead didn’t have a phone number attached. A great part about Happy Grasshopper is you can somewhat forget about a lead and let the quality content take over.

We receive at least one of these a week. :)”

Want to see more examples of amazing follow-up? Give us a call and we will demonstrate. We’ll show you exactly how Happy Grasshopper creates email follow-up perfection.