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Lately, I’ve had lots of folks ask me about recruiting and the things they can do to do it more effectively. This is great, because I’m able to talk to them about the power of great writing, thinking differently, and most importantly, how to turn recruiting on its ear by recruiting for culture.

“Recruit for culture? What does THAT mean?”

It doesn’t mean getting a bunch of people together to check out art museums or the latest Broadway musical, nope. The goal of recruiting for culture is to assemble a team of people who hold your company’s values, whose goals mirror your own, a team that will work together for the good of the whole. Recruiting for culture means you want a team that WINS.

“I like winning. Winning is good. So … tell me more about this culture … thing.”

Back in “The Day” (you know “the day” … that ONE that people always refer to), recruiting was a stale, cookie-cutter, personality-free chore that was simply a factor of business. Companies needed warm bodies to fill seats in cubicles, so that they could continue moving forward. The problem with this way of thinking–with this way of recruiting–is that it doesn’t really move things forward. There’s no growth, no upward “GO!” Recruiting for a pulse gets lateral movement; it gets the job done, but only in the most lukewarm way.

Here we are at THIS day. A new day. It’s a day in which companies can recruit people whose ideals match their own, and they can do it far more easily than they might imagine. With a little vision, with a little creativity, with some great writing, and some help from technology, recruiting for culture can happen NOW and it can build teams you need to help your company grow, for it to THRIVE, for it to win.

“I like the way that sounds. But how does it work? How can I do that?”

Doing this is actually a lot simpler than you might think. Start by sitting down and making a list of the things that are important to you, the things that are inherent to your company’s values, the things that speak to your personality, the things that make you tick. Once you’ve compiled that list, start thinking about the kinds of people you want working with you. Think about the people that will be with you each and every day; think about the kinds of people who will help carry your company’s message forward.

And then it really gets cool.

Take that list and consider email. That’s right, EMAIL. Email is one of the most powerful (not to mention simplest and least expensive) tools at our disposal today. And it gives us a medium for disseminating ideas to an audience of our choosing. What if you could write an email campaign that was able to communicate your company culture and start conversations with the people that fit that culture? YOU CAN.

“That sounds like a great way to get things done, but I really don’t have that kind of time.”

There are few things as important as building your company, but we recognize that there are lots of moving parts to business–making sales, helping customers, maintaining your books, untold amounts of administrivia–so making time to write a campaign such as this might leave something else out in the cold. We get it.

Enter HG-Recruits.

HG-Recruits is a tool that Happy Grasshopper developed to solve the problem of recruiting for culture. It works for salespeople, brokers, managers (you name it) from any business, because we design each campaign specifically for YOU. We take the time to get to know who you really are, what’s important to you, what makes your company tick. Then our team of creative writers crafts an email campaign designed just for you. When you meet a potential recruit, you simply add that person to your HGR database, and we send the emails for you; all you have to do is have conversations with the people who respond.

Sounds pretty cool, right? And guess what? IT WORKS.

Every day, we get messages from Happy Grasshopper customers who are thrilled with the success they’re seeing with HG-Recruits. Messages are going out, people are responding, new folks are getting hired, winning teams are being built.

HG-Recruits can work for you, too. If you’ve been searching for a way to recruit better, to recruit smarter, Happy Grasshopper can help. Through the power of writing, the power of email, the power of culture, HG-Recruits has got you covered. 

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