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Here at Happy Grasshopper, we’re big fans of forging human connections. We know–like so many of you–that constantly bleating on and on about YOUR job and YOUR awesome and ME ME ME might sound like a really good song, but you just can’t dance to it.

Jeff Lobb knows this, too.

A REALTOR® who was licensed in 1988 (that’s right … the days of parachute pants, neon, New Wave, and acid wash), Jeff Lobb entered the world of Real Estate when there was no Internet. There were no iPhones or apps or any of the things on which our very lives seem to depend today. There was none of that. The one bit of technology that Jeff had and knew he could depend on was, quite simply, being a human being.

This is pretty interesting for someone who’s known as a tech guy. THE tech guy, in fact.

Right out of the blocks, Jeff told me, “I speak three languages: English, Real Estate, and Tech.” He was at the forefront of the game (still wearing his gold Century 21 jacket) when the first cell phones (remember those things with the stretchy, spiral cords and a battery pack the size of Rhode Island?) came into being. He was there for the birth of the Worldwide Web (that’s that “WWW” thing, for those of you playing along at home). He’s been there, too, as social media, video, smartphones, tablets, and a host of mobile technologies have become such vital parts of our lives.

Jeff–the VP of Technology & Innovation at EXIT Realty–is a maestro of the symphony of tech. He’s a road warrior who travels the country teaching real estate professionals about how tech can assist them in their jobs and in their lives. He was named by Inman News as one of the 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate for 2013 and was a featured contributor to Stefan Swanepoel’s annual REtrends publication.

No question, Jeff knows tech and if you want to harness its power to make your business better, you need to get to know HIM.

But there’s more than that. Much more.

For all of the glitz and the shiny and the bleep-bloopy app-ey goodness out there, there’s still nothing, for Jeff, that replaces being a person. A human being. His job–and the job of any real estate professional, if I may–is to talk to and get to know PEOPLE. He knows that no auto-answer application or beautifully crafted email template will replace having conversations with his customers, because that, friends, is where trust is engendered, that is where relationships are forged, and THAT is where good business blooms.

Join Jeff to rediscover the human side of real estate. We promise, it’s out there.

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