An easy way to deepen communication with your people-base.

In the past few months, we’ve built a feature into our system called the Hot Sheet.  It’s a transparent reporting system for our clients, showing how well their Position-Me and HG Recruits campaigns are working.

Everyday at 5:00 AM the Hot Sheet will populate with the past 24 hours of contact activity and send that data to your email inbox.  It reports the activity of every single contact who reads a message that day — informing you of which message they opened and if anyone unsubscribed from the campaign.

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Notice how the report includes message title, contact name, email address, phone number, and the kind of activity performed.

This system adds transparency to our product.  We believe in our Happy Grasshopper messaging systems, and we want to ensure you can see it’s working for you, too.  With these daily reports, you can determine how many contacts are reading what you have to say, and how many messages they received before engaging — whether it be after the first email or the 15th.

The Hot Sheet curates your people-base for even better follow-up (and lead conversion).

Say you have two hours that you wanted to schedule for generating new business.  You could spend thirty minutes researching new methods, looking for a new lead stream, or determining that you want to improve your brand in the community.  You then have an hour and a half to structure a plan, but you’ll have to schedule a different block of time to implement it.

Or, you could look at your Hot Sheet.  

The list of the contacts who are already thinking of you is waiting in your inbox.

The feature provides a warm calling list for those who are ready to deepen their communication.  A simple 30 minutes of contacting those “hot” leads who have opened their emails over the past day further positions you with the contacts who are interested.  

By highlighting the messages each contact opened, the Hot Sheet makes it easy to know what information each contact has top-of-mind — whether it’s resurfacing cold leads who are ready to engage or hot leads who are readily interested in your service. These details identify the platform from which to start a phone conversation, serving as another way to build relationships and make sales.

Oh, that’s right — that’s only 30 minutes of your time.  You can spend the other hour and a half taking a nice, long lunch, rewarding your success.

This is the first of many new features we’re rolling out, all so you can convert leads the easy way.  

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