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As with any tool, no matter how simple it is, there’s a right way and a wrong way to use it.

Take a hammer, for example. Its concept is simple enough, right? You’ve got a nail, its poky end poised and ready to get lodged into a piece of wood. You hit it with the hammer–one swift strike–and the job is done. But what if you hit your thumb instead? That is definitely not the right way to use it, anyone can tell you that, but still … it happens all the time.

Happy Grasshopper can be like that.

Happy Grasshopper is a simple tool. It’s easy, it makes sense, and it gets the job done. But if it’s used in a way that it wasn’t meant to be, well … the results can be kind of like hitting your thumb with a hammer: it hurts like the dickens and you end up cursing a blue streak.

Do it right. Don’t smash your thumb.

Stay top of mind

Happy Grasshopper is designed to nurture relationships with people who already know you.

Let’s be clear on that: these messages aren’t designed to go to web leads or folks you’ve never met. Nope.

Happy Grasshopper messages are for your friends, your sphere of influence, your past customers … anyone who already knows you and know what an awesome person you are. The messages are fun, they’re personal, and they’re not pushy. They don’t sell, so they’re perfect for people with whom you simply want to stay in touch.

If you want a tool for that, something to send messages to seller leads, folks who’ve visited your website, or people who, for whatever reason, you haven’t met yet, we’ve got a product for that, too (you betcha, we do!) and it’s called Position-Me (HINT: click that … it’s cool stuff. You’ll like it).

That’s not what Happy Grasshopper is for.

In the three years we’ve been around, we’ve delivered more than 8 million messages, started 430,000+ conversation, and helped to generate more than $240 million in sales for our customers. Our open rates are among the highest in the industry, our bounce rate among the lowest. And if you’re sending to the right people, you’ll get replies with every send. We guarantee it.

But don’t take our word for it (even though you totally could). Try it for yourself. We’ll give you a free send, and we guarantee you’ll get replies. Take the HG Challenge today. What’ve you got to lose?

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