“Strange things are afoot at the Circle K.”

Whether or not you recall this quote from the super-duper 80s classic “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, it kinda captures the spirit of what’s happening here at HGHQ (that’s Happy Grasshopper Headquarters for those of you playing along at home). While we wouldn’t necessarily classify our super-secret activities “strange”, per se, they’re certainly different and have got us more than a little excited.

Changes are a’comin’.

No, not to Happy Grasshopper. Why would we change something that we love and, more to the point, that YOU love? Nah. Happy Grasshopper will stay just as you’ve always known it. BUT! We’re about to launch two very NEW products that will not only change the way you look at keeping in touch, but change the way you look at recruiting and email marketing, in general. Each of these products has been in beta development for some time and now, we’re just about ready to share them with EVERYBODY.


Nothing can make or break a team like the right (or, more to the point, the WRONG) people. That’s why we’ve developed a whole new way of looking at recruiting. We want you to find the RIGHT folks for your team, so you have the best shot at super success. By getting to the heart of who YOU are and what you & your business stand for, you can stop wasting your time with people who just don’t fit and focus on the ones that do.


For every business person, there’s also a customer that fits just right. Lots of sales-based jobs are contingent on developing relationships founded on trust and mutual understanding. Our new positioning tool will help us discover personality traits unique to you and uncover those things about YOU that’ll help you attract the customers you want.


Each of these new products will come with the quality, creativity, and quirky innovation you’ve come to expect from us. Each will be handled with the same personalized attention and hands-on care we’ve given you with HG-Classic (great taste, less douchey). Dan, Celeste, Russell and I are SUPER excited to share our new goodies with you, so stay tuned!

If you’d like to be the first with the scoop, shoot us an email at [email protected] and we’ll give you the 411, Hon.

Be Excellent to each other, Be a Happy Grasshopper

So hold tight!

We’ve got the sweet facts coming at you in the next few days. Til then, as Bill & Ted once said,

“Be excellent to each other. PARTY ON, DUDES!”

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