Laurie Davis knows that if you’re in real estate, your time is precious (especially these days). That’s why, when you give her your attention at Inman Connect (and you really should), she intends to make the most of every moment and leave you wanting for nothing.


We would be remiss if, before we dive into all of the smart goodness Laurie has to offer, we didn’t stand up, light a match and stomp our feet for her nomination as an Inman Innovator! That’s right. Laurie was as a finalist to be named the Most Innovative Real Estate Agent of 2013. THAT is more than worthy of a high five or two. Go Laurie!

But we digress (and shake confetti out of our coifs). 

Laurie Davis is one half of RE’s “Geeky Girls”. Together with KW broker-teammate Lisa Archer, they’ve made names for themselves by spotlighting the best in tech and the things that actually help turn leads into business (Happy Grasshopper, we’re very proud today, is Geeky-approved!) She’s a broker extraordinaire and the quiet confidence behind Live Love Pinehurst & Live Love Charlotte: a NC-based brokerage team that employs more than 20 REALTORS and that’s closed upwards of 200 transactions already this year. Self-assured and unassuming (but absolutely no-nonsense), she is President Elect in 2013 for the Pinehurst/Southern Pines Area Association Of Realtors (PSPAAR) and is a frequent presenter at events like AgentReboot, RETSO, and, yes, Inman Connect!

Laurie’s a 6-year veteran of the real estate industry and, in those years, she’s seen market fluctuations that could (and most likely WOULD) make your head spin. Through it all, she’s kept a steady business and become an expert (not a guru or a rockstar, but a legitimate EXPERT, folks) in lead conversion and the things that actually work.

Making it count.

When she takes the stage next week at Connect, Laurie’ll be on a panel (along with some other pretty smart folks, like Sean Ellis, Rivers Pearce, Pat Giles, and The Caffienator: Kelly Mitchell). They’ll talk about what will likely be one of the most practical and dead useful things attendees can take away from Connect: maximizing website conversion and how not to leave any leads on the table. I mean, tech aside, what’s more important than that, really? Not much, I can tell you that.

Laurie will tell it like it is when it comes to email campaigns (both touch, like Happy Grasshopper offers, and drip-type, like Constant Contact), and how tech tools like dotloop, Boomtown, RealSatisfied & others can make it easier for you to turn the leads you get into real, quantifiable dollars. Which makes sense. And also cents.

Next time you attend Connect, be sure to say HI to Laurie. She’s honestly one of the friendliest, most down-to-earth folks you’ll ever meet. Buy her a Stella and you’ll be fast friends. Laurie Davis, one half Geeky, full-on awesome.

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