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Chris Brown and Matt Fagioli on Technology and Success

Approach your day with the spirit of helpfulness. – Chris Brown, Certified Mortgage Planner Chris has become a trainer and resource for the agents he works with.  It gives him exposure, helps agents succeed, and has grown his business dramatically. Technology should help you build better relationships. You need to focus on your highest and […]

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Lessons From Our Startup Garden

By Dan Stewart, CEO Some things about me: I’m an entrepreneur.  I love solving problems.   I love tinkering.  I know myself and what I need to produce my best work.  I’m painfully honest.  (I also suck at some things.) This means that I won’t blog just to blog. I share this because it’s absolutely in […]

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All Kung Fu Jokes Aside

By: Dave Courvoisier All jokes about “Kung-Fu” aside (showing my age), you may want to consider Happy for your VO business.  Here’s why, as it was explained to me very simply: “Do you need referrals but hesitate to ask for them? Happy Grasshopper has broken the code – you load e-mail addresses of people you know […]

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Thank You Richard Mulholland

Posted by Dan Stewart, CEO of Happy Grasshopper “The first step in the progress of a man or a nation…” I used to be depressed.  I was jealous.  I had a chip on my shoulder.  When I looked around, I saw people that were better than me, that had unfair advantages, that were getting what […]

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Why I Am An Entrepreneur

By Dan Stewart, CEO I’m blessed (cursed!) with a curious mind.  I’m an avid reader.  I like to try new things.  I’m drawn to challenges.  I expect to improve over time and I’m willing to risk failure.  I’ve survived some nasty situations and I’m not very bothered about following convention.  I tip heavily towards half full […]

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