Treat your customers like human beings


That’s a warm & fuzzy word, isn’t it?

It totally is, and that’s the way you want your customers and clients to feel when they think about you: warm & fuzzy.

When you’re nurturing someone, you’re caring for them. We do this for our families and for our friends, so why shouldn’t we do it for our customers, too? After all, you’ve spent time and put a lot of effort into building a relationship with them. You might have helped them in the past, or you might hope to help them in the future. Regardless, treating them with care and thoughtfulness will go a long way toward making sure that relationship continues.

Knowing this and accepting it as truth, why do so many salespeople continue to treat their customers like targets?

Imagine that you’re a human being (it shouldn’t be terribly hard to imagine what with your opposable thumbs and cognizant thought and that snappy sense of humor). If you received emails left and right that did nothing but sell to you, would you continue to read them? Would you continue to have warm & fuzzy feelings about the person that sent them?

No. You’d feel like your only value to them was the amount of money you could put into their pockets and, quite likely, you’d take that relationship and put it in the circular file.

Humans like to be treated like humans. As salespeople, we should talk to humans as such. We should make it part of our nature to nurture.

Don’t: simply send emails filled with stats about your sales figures last quarter.
Don’t: simply send emails that talk about the accolades you’ve received.
Don’t: simply send emails that do nothing but talk about you.

Do: send emails that consider what the recipient wants.
Do: send emails that ask how they’re doing.
Do: send emails that elicit an emotional response and incite further conversation.

When you nurture the relationships you have with your customers–when you treat your customers like human beings–your actions will reap far more riches than any stale old piece of meMail.

Nurturing is something that Happy Grasshopper understands. It’s the very thing on which our effortless eNurturing system is based. And it’s something we can help you do, so that the relationships you’ve worked so hard to build continue to reap benefits for you well into the future.

We guarantee it’ll change the way you think about email, the way you think about your business, and the way you think about your relationships. The Happy Grasshopper system makes it effortless to nurture your relationships and, in the process, nurture your business, too, so it continues to grow and thrive.

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