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Adam Lobst Interviews Matt Rathbun on Real Estate Technology

Q: The role of real estate agents is evolving.  Agents are becoming more information interpreters than information providers. A: 83% of brokers say that the clients feel they have more data than their agents. Agents need to understand how to speak with their clients, understand the information they have and appropriately interpret and guide them in using […]

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Ricardo Bueno — Get More out of Your Real Estate Blog

If Ricardo was starting a digital presence today, this is what he would do: Make it incredibly easy for people to search for homes – Buyers are coming to your website for this, make sure they can do this.(Diverse Solutions provides a wordpress plugin that adds home search to your blog.  Instead of an iframe, it turns […]

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Brian Wildermuth on sCRM

Social CRM (sCRM) is not technology – it is using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize your business processes.  An sCRM starts with a well organized contact database. targeted and arranged lead sources (where did they come from) structured groups(first time home buyers, personal contacts, networking contacts, past clients) the right data to support relationships […]

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Jared James On Intangibles In Real Estate

Smile More! This never hurt anyone’s business. Perception is reality — start considering how you want people to perceive you and make deliberate actions to craft that perception. Take action – the number one reasons companies succeed and fail is the speed at which they are able to implement learning.

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Mitch Ribak on Success on Internet Marketing for Real Estate

Mitch Ribak is killing it on the internet and shares his system.  First tip, if you aren’t making people register to use your site, you are letting leads go away. He got 10 times more sales by testing registration vs. non-registration method.  He recommends registration mandatory up front. Internet leads aren’t great, but they are much […]

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Scott Dixon – Integrated Marketing Is Common Sense

Try to take advantage of everything available to you to reach prospects.  Today’s consumers are multi-taskers.  We don’t live in a one-dimensional world, don’t get caught up in the latest thing and forget that your consumers are engaging in a variety of new and old activities. Where do you get most of your leads? Referrals […]

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Danielle Boutin – Making RPR work for you

RPR (Realtors Property Resource – is a national database that will help you pull all of the reports that you need for a listing from one place, it is free and comes with your NAR membership.  You can perform a simple search and provide a 20+ page property report in less than a minute! Parcel-centric […]

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RaRa Girls on Using Real Estate Resources in Your Business

How to take more of what you learn from real estate conferences and put it to work in your business.  These girls have met at conferences and live throughout the state of Florida.  They have been working together to get better results – here is how they collaborate remotely: Evernote – The girls have a shared […]

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