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Bob Hertzog is a guy who does things right.

A REALTOR & broker based in Scottsdale, Arizona, he’s a guy who runs the numbers. He values quality and spends money on the things that make his business work better. So if he’s going to use a service, it had darned well better be working for him.

Happy Grasshopper works for Bob.

“Look,” he said to me, “People just don’t want to be sold to all the time. If people aren’t interested in buying a house, they’re not gonna get interested just because I send them an email telling them how qualified I am to sell them one. They don’t care about that.”

The grin on my face when he said that stretched from ear to ear, because that’s kind of our mantra here at Happy Grasshopper (I’m also super-psyched to report that Bob came up with this all on his own and wasn’t being threatened with having to eat a chocolate-covered cricket or anything like that). But this isn’t about us, this is about Bob.

Bob GETS It.

Every three weeks, just like every other Happy Grasshopper customer, Bob gets a notification, letting him know that it’s time to select a new message to send to the folks in his database. And this is where Bob’s use of Happy Grasshopper gets extra awesome.

Have I mentioned how much we like him?

Each time, Bob logs into his account and checks out the messages we’ve got in the queue, so he can select one to send to his customers. That part is pretty standard. He reads each and every one and, ultimately, sends the one that sounds the most like HIM. And that’s exactly how it should work, by the way. He gets that set and then does something that I’m betting most of our customers have never thought of (heck, even WE hadn’t thought of it, so Bob’s kind of a superhero ‘round our office).

He takes the links from the other messages we have–the ones he opted not to use–and posts the content to his Facebook page. “Why not?” he laughed. “It’s just one more way that I can keep in touch with my customers & friends and you guys find the best stuff to write about. Why wouldn’t I share that?”

Why not, indeed?

And then there’s this: if you ask him what the ROI (return on investment) is for the money he spends on Happy Grasshopper, Bob Hertzog will laugh at you. Yes, he will LAUGH at you. “REALTORS, in general, will quibble over every last red cent they spend. But honestly. If you think I’m gonna get all worried about something I spend less than $300 a year on, well that’s just silly.”

But like we mentioned, Bob is a numbers guy. He knows what’s working and what isn’t.

“Happy Grasshopper works. It keeps me in touch with my customers. There have been times when I haven’t sent a message and my contacts have actually sent me messages asking why I’ve not sent anything yet. That sort of thing is how I know it’s working. Happy Grasshopper exists to help me keep in touch and that’s exactly what it’s doing. It puts a smile on my face, it puts smiles on the faces of my customers. That’s more than enough ROI for me.”

Bob Hertzog IS a Happy Grasshopper … and Bob Hertzog is doing it right.

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