In this webinar, mega agent and distinguished coaching expert, Dianna Kokoszka, answers questions about her journey into coaching and why it is so crucial to have a coach to not only succeed in business, but in life. 

If you're looking to take the steps needed to get to the next level (and find out what those steps are), this is a must see! 

Busy day? These 5 clip-notes will get you to the good stuff:

14:05 Dianna gives you the secret to training your mind to think positively

24:30 Find out why changing her language made all the difference for Dianna on the road to success 

39:00 Never been coached? Dianna reveals the best first step to take

55:05… Diana shares what she did that made it possible to sell 104 homes in her first year

55:30 Dianna shares the most important thing she's learned in all her years as a coaching extraordinaire and super agent

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