Crunched for time? These 5 clip-notes will get you to the good stuff:

03:34… Dan and Kris share the five things you need to be doing to get you to the top

15:50… Dan and Kris let you in on their secret to being confident even when you don’t have the answer

23:15… Kris reveals the one friend you must have in your corner to rocket your success

28:30… Kris gives you the keys to become a Top Producer

47:35… Kris shares a #1 must for staying consistent

Dan and Kris’ Tips for Getting to the Top: 

1. Put Yourself First

That’s different, huh? We’re taught from a young age that we should put others before ourselves, but the truth is that in order to get to the top of your field, you NEED to work on yourself first.

Think of it like putting on your own oxygen mask before helping anyone else with theirs. You wouldn’t be much help to anyone if you’re struggling to breathe yourself! In the webinar, Dan and Kris discuss why self-development is a crucial first step to growing your business.

2. Have Confidence

Confidence comes before success. Any confidence gained after you succeed is just a happy bonus to keep sustaining your performance so that you can succeed more. Dan and Kris walk us through how to exude confidence in any transaction--even when you’re feeling unsure.

3. Give Generously

You only get what you give, right? Once you give value, you will get return. In order to get to the top, it’s important to give to your clients and, Kris explains, your community. When people see that you care about more than succeeding, they’ll be more likely to support you and your business.

4. Flock Together

If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room. It’s critical that you surround yourself with people who inspire you to level up with them. Success is contagious. Ensuring that you’re flocking with successful people that you admire will get you closer to the top Dan and Kris talk about the people they flock with in the webinar.

5.  Stay Hungry

Stay hungry for improvement, opportunities, and more success. In the webinar, Dan and Kris explain that it’s totally okay to get to a level of success in which you’re comfortable, but the secret to getting to and staying at the top is to keep striving for better.

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