Pressed for time? These 5 clip-notes will get you to the good stuff:

02:35… Find out why you need to take out your plow and sharpen your claws to catapult your business

22:20… Ben shares the tools he uses to get leverage (and help him make 300 million dollars in sales!) 

24:20… Ben reveals “the problem” with a farming-only business and why you need to be a tiger too

27:20… Ben gives you his three success principles (the ones that got him on The Wall Street Journal’s REAL Trends’ Top 1,000 agents list)

41:30… Ben shares the 5 areas in his life he sets goals for to fuel his success 

Farmers, Tigers, and...Unicorns? Oh my. 

You’ve probably never given much thought to how adopting habits from farmers and tigers can make you into a magical sales unicorn, but take it from Dan and Ben, you should.

Below, we’ve outlined 3 qualities from both farmers and tigers that you can learn from as professional salespeople.

To plant crops like a farmer you must be:

  1. Hardworking

We’re not going to go into too much detail here because this one is relatively self-explanatory. To be a good farmer (read: salesperson), you have to put in the work. Farmers don’t buy land and cross their fingers hoping for bountiful crop. They work hard planting seeds and plowing their fields to yield the results they want.

  1. Consistent

Once farmers have planted their seeds, they don’t just plow their fields and water their crops once; they do it consistently! To skyrocket your business and get the results you want, like the farmer, you have to be consistent. Working hard is great, but what sets amazing salespeople apart from great salespeople is their commitment to doing the work it takes to get to the next level.

  1. A leverage-genius

As professional salespeople, there is an abundance of talent and technology available for you to leverage in your business. Farmers use the tools and talent available to them to ensure that they produce crops at the level they need to. In the same way, it’s critical to utilize what’s available to you to your advantage. In the webinar, Ben goes into detail about the tools he uses to get the leverage he needs to get booming business.

To sharpen your claws like a tiger you must be:

  1. Hyper-effective

Tigers are killer, pun-intended, at getting their prey. They know when to pounce, and once they do, their prey is theirs. As pro salespeople, there’s something to learn here from these ferocious cats: how to be hyper-effective. To be impactful, you have to take action and be efficient in doing so. Dan and Ben expand on this in the webinar.

  1. Finely Tuned

Practice makes perfect and tigers know this all too well. When tigers aren’t hunting prey, they’re practicing their hunting skills--even when they’re playing! As a sales person, fine-tuning your skills is essential to success. Whether that means practicing sales scripts or role-playing cold-calls, it’s important to sharpen your claws like a tiger to get ready for the hunt.

  1. Action-oriented

Last but certainly not least, like the tiger, you have to be action-oriented to become a sales unicorn! A tiger knows that to get the kill, they have to take action. The antelope won’t just walk over to them, just like a sale isn’t going to walk over to you. You must take action steps to lure prospective clients (and the people in their spheres) to you!

For more on how to become a majestic unicorn salesperson, watch the webinar above and let us know what you learned over on our Facebook page! We want to hear from you.
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