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What’s the secret to getting more business is a tough market?

Los Angeles is a tough market. The town thrives on buzz, so if a company is going about business as usual and not stirring anything up, people assume they’ve closed their doors.

Emma Tate knows this all too well. She’s lived in LA since she was a child, and she’s been running Culinary Delight Catering there for 36 years. Her clientele has ranged from Movie Stars and ESPN to local churches and family gatherings — she’s an LA Local through and through.

Emma began to use Happy Grasshopper in August because she realized she needed to reignite the buzz about her catering company. Her clients have always been delighted with her service and cuisine, and as the company shifts towards decadent party platters and hors d’oeuvres menus, she wants to reconnect with them.

Her first message returned replies asking how she was, and – true to form – many expressing how glad they were that Culinary Delight Catering was still in business. That first message also returned several requests for service.

Every month, Emma’s message has returned new and refreshed accounts. At first, people asked for her to serve weddings and personal events. Now, they’re switching to holiday parties. It’s been a great boost for their shifting model.

In Emma’s words, “$29 a month — that’s a very price reasonable for so much business!”

Would you like more business too? Take the HG Challenge and watch how consistent follow-up can reap rewards for you too.

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