Social proof is an important part of building your brand, building consumer confidence, and turning someone who has viewed your web profile into someone who calls and makes and appointment with you.

Sites That Give Thumbs Up

Chris Smith’s list of sites you need to visit, build your online profile on, and ask clients to review you on:

  • – (Warning from Cyndee – if some reviews you here and has not reviewed any other businesses their review won’t show up.  Counter from Steve Pacinelli – it is worth asking them to also review 2 other business when you request their review for you because so much search traffic is driven by Yelp!)
  • (Recommendations) — This is a great way for new agents to get testimonials from their friends and family – a good way to get started when you don’t have many clients under your belt.  (Tip – we link to our business profile on LinkedIn and ask for recommendations on our product page – you can see that here: LinkedIn Recommendations)

This seems like a lot – from personal experience, if I ask clients to review me in 2 places instead of just one they are more than happy to.  Pick 3 of your favorites from this list and ask your clients to review you on two.   This should be a regular part of your transaction process.

Video Trumps Written Testimonials:

Cyndee Haydon of Tampa, FL is a master of getting video testimonials.  She gives amazing service which is key, but she also asks for the testimonials at the right time.  She doesn’t just ask people to review closed transactions, she asks them to review showing experiences as well.  Check out how she does this here –

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