Kris Lindahl-

Kris Lindahl needs things to just work.

You don’t become Minnesota’s top agent in 6 years by sweating the small stuff. That’s why Kris contacted Happy Grasshopper 2 years ago. He knew how important email follow-up was; he just didn’t have the time to do it himself – and we were glad to help.

So, when Kris contacted us about creating a kickass recruitment campaign for him, naturally, we were all in! He was looking for a specific kind of agent: experienced, a great culture fit, and someone who could handle the workload of a top-producing team. After all, when you own top-level domains like and you need a team prepared for the business that comes with them.

Adding to an already great team.

If that weren’t enough, Kris and his team were recently ranked as the #27 RE/MAX team in the country in, get this, their first year – this is the kind of team you want to be on.

We worked closely with Kris, finding out more about his team, their culture, and basically everything we needed to know that would make us want to pack up, leave Florida, and join his team. Clearly, Kris deserved a great writer and we happen to have a stable full of them.

That said, when you have a writer named Kris and a client named Kris, you pair them together – it’s just too awesome not to. So that’s exactly what we did. =)

We were able to craft an engaging recruitment campaign and the results were outstanding. Not only has Kris’ inbox been flooded with replies, he’s already found 2 great fits who are now part of his team – congrats!

Happy Grasshopper Empowers You to Recruit for Culture

We’re not in the business of filling seats – we recruit for culture. That means spending time finding out what makes you (and your team) tick. That could mean experienced top producers, or even new agents looking to get their foot in the door. Whether you’re looking to fill an office, or just trying to find that one missing piece… we got you covered!

That’s where templates and the canned stuff fail – they know nothing about you. They’re designed to work for hundreds, or even thousands of people; with a less-than-mediocre success rate.

But that’s not us.

Our messages are custom to you, your market, and your business. Whether you’re looking for proven lead conversion campaigns or, like in Kris’ case, a targeted recruiting campaign… give us a call. We’re in the business of your success. Are you? =)

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