REALTORS® … you have a problem.

You’re always ready to sell, but people are very rarely ready to buy.

Often, agents turn to email marketing to help solve this problem, but their messages focus on the needs of the sender. They send market reports, just listed & sold postings, or home buyer tips … these could be helpful to someone who’s actively looking for a home. Otherwise? Not so much.

Keep people at the forefront of your business

Happy Grasshopper has a better way.

Happy Grasshopper’s messages focus on the recipient. Instead of trying to sell to someone who’s not ready to buy, they focus on starting conversations that lead to deeper relationships.

Our professional writers create engaging, conversation-starting messages & send them for you every 3 weeks. That’s 17 emails per year to help you maintain the relationships that are essential to your successful business. And Happy Grasshopper does it all for you. We call it Effortless e-Nurturing.

Treat your customers like friends instead of sales opportunities. Thousands of agents and other professionals rely on Happy Grasshopper to help them keep in touch.

Try e-Nurturing with Happy Grasshopper. Stay in touch, effortlessly. You’ll get happy; we guarantee it.

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