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We wanted to take a moment to give a shout-out to our friends over at ProspectConverter. They’ve been integrated with Happy Grasshopper for two years and we’re happy to have them as part of our team!

If you’re not familiar with ProspectConverter, they’re a CRM lead location software firm that’s been around for more than a decade. When a new lead comes in, ProspectConverter captures it and then adds it to the user’s database before forwarding it to Happy Grasshopper, creating a seamless system where no lead falls through the cracks.

We recently spoke with ProspectConverter’s National Sales Executive, Robert Alexander, about why he’s so pleased to work with Happy Grasshopper.

“We don’t provide content,” he said. “You do, and you do it well.”

The fresh, tailored messaging, coupled with the ease of integration, is why Robert never hesitates to recommend Happy Grasshopper to clients who are looking for a content provider.

“I feel confident you’ll take care of our clients 110 percent,” Robert said.  “I don’t know anyone else out there like you.”


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