Every January, millions of us make resolutions we don’t keep. You would think, after decades of making these annual promises to ourselves, we’d wise up and realize there’s nothing magical about a date on the calendar. It’s simply an arbitrary point in time for us to lie to ourselves.

Can we get real with you? Okay, good. The truth is, until you’re ready to break out of old habits, nothing will change for you. We have some ideas on how you can flip the switch and light up 2019! Ready?

First, stop being so hard on yourself. Come to terms with the fact that your inner voice is a lazy ass 80% of the time, and it’s going to put up a fight. Here’s how to stop that little devil on your shoulder: accept that it isn’t you.


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Evil Kermit is present for all of us and he’s a very good liar. The next time you hear that inner voice telling you to stay in bed, or that you can do it later, or that you’re simply not good enough to achieve your goals, just tell it to STFU.

Second, recognize that your progress is best measured in units of time you can control. Whatever it is you’re reaching for, there are milestones on the way to achieving it, and there are necessary daily activities that lead to achieving them.

EXERCISE: Make a shortlist, right now, of what you know you should be doing every day. What’s on it?

Chances are one of the things on it has to do with engaging other people.

Is it growing your database, generating leads, connecting with more people?

Well, we have good news because all of these things are more likely to happen if you have a really good plan – so let’s build one together.

If you think about it, you’re going to need to master some very particular moments of time. Your year will be won by expecting this, and then relaxing into the rhythm of consistency. Once taking regular positive action—no matter how insignificant—becomes habit, even the largest goals will be within your reach.

This has been well understood for millennia, but far too few of us ever master the concept. It seems so hard, and yet it’s the easiest thing in the world when you have the right structure. So, we’re going to give you that structure in this post.

What you need, more than anything else, is a reason to achieve your goal. That’s step one. It’s easy to say “I want more money” or “I want to lose weight.” Millions of people do. What’s special is knowing why you MUST have more money or less fat. That’s power – and you can have that power. It’s available to you and it lives in your reasons. Powerful people have powerful reasons.

Discover yours now and write them down. Success has a schedule.

Amy Morin said, “Most New Year’s resolutions don’t last because people spring into action without being prepared for the work it’s going to take. Forcing change based on a date on the calendar, rather than a true readiness to transform, can be a setup for failure.” She was right. You don’t need a platitude; you need an actual structure that will make sure you get it done!

We’ve built a series of calendar templates you can use to accomplish any goal.

For most of us, the smallest increments of time we need to manage is a day. For example, you might need a plan to post on social media every day, and this calendar makes doing that predictable, repeatable, and easy.

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What are your big goals for 2019? Comment below and tell us!

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