Email is literally the highest ROI-producing tool in a salesperson’s toolkit

Million Dollar Email Blast

Nobody learned this better than Tara Chisum. Tara came to Happy Grasshopper in April of this year, looking to do something different. She tasked us with not only creating custom, target-driven content for her past clients and sphere-of-influence, but also monthly blasts designed to really reach out to her list on a personal level.

Three months later and she had her first million dollar listing with Happy Grasshopper. That’s a million – six zeros. Oh yeah, I almost forgot…

Tara had never met this person.

This was someone she had never worked with, or even presented to before – that is, until we sent her custom blast message. Here’s what Tara told us:

“When I sat down to meet the other agent, I found out that the seller had actually picked me, even though we had never met face to face, because she got my email. She knew that I was active in the market… and that I cared enough to stay in touch.”

Pretty awesome right?!

The beauty is in our execution

Our approach was simple: we created custom email follow-up for Tara that cemented her current relationships and kept people opting in. We call it Top of Mind Awareness –  planting your name in the back of someone’s mind with consistent and friendly email follow-up so they have no choice but to call you when the time is right. Why our service and not, say, a newsletter service? That’s a good question. =)

Our messages look and feel as if they were written by you. Not only does a text-based message look more personal, but it is also still visible if a potential client chooses not to display images within their email. Newsletters may be pretty, but…

Your newsletters can’t convert if your leads can’t read them

Our blast messages excel where newsletters can’t. They reach out to your audience just like them, but in a very different and unique way. Newsletters look like they were written for thousands of people generically – because they were. Our monthly blasts are custom written for our clients and include a one-on-one meeting with one of our in-house copywriters. Even if you’re already a client, they’ll dig deeper and find some truly engaging content to close the deal. When’s the last time those newsletter guys did that?

While we here at Happy Grasshopper 100% believe in our vision, we’re also the honest type. Truth is, you’re not going to get a million dollar listing with every message – it’s not gonna’ happen. But what we can tell you without a doubt, is that we’ll write content for you that is effective and fun. People are going to open them, and they’re going to keep opening them because they’re that good – really.

You’ll be proud of what you send every month. It’s not canned, not templated – it’s created for you. Whether it be campaign messaging or monthly blasts, Happy Grasshopper is in the business of success. Are you?

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