At Happy Grasshopper, we love things that are fun, friendly, conversational, and altogether non-douchey. But that’s not ALL we’re about.

We are fun, yes, but we are deadly serious about the products we deliver. Our messaging may seem simple, but it’s pretty darned powerful. Just how powerful? Well, we aim to show you. And one of the best ways for us to do that is to have our customers tell you themselves.

CUSTOMER: Steven Sharpe
HOMETOWN: Chattanooga, Tennessee
POSITION: Residential REALTOR® (he does a smattering of commercial work, too)
COMPANY: Keller Williams Downtown Chattanooga

Steven has been a customer of Happy Grasshopper for about a year and a half. He’s a very happy Happy Grasshopper and we promise he hasn’t been paid off. FOR REAL. The thoughts here are his and his alone. None of the names have been changed to protect the innocent. Or the grasshoppers. Or even the ants.

WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE HG FEATURE: “It’s low-impact email. I love that it’s casual and conversational. It allows me to stay top-of-mind with the people I’ve done business with and other folks I actually know, and that I don’t have to talk business to do it. Also, I get multiple email options with each cycle. There are always 4 or 5 to choose from; each is lighthearted and engaging. The tool is helping me to build relationships. It’s just right.”

WHAT KIND OF RESPONSE DID YOU GET TO YOUR FIRST HG MESSAGE? “This is one of my favorite stories. I sent my first message and almost immediately, a guy that I’d been trying to reach for more than two years responded. He said he loved the message and it reminded him right away of why he’d wanted to work with me in the first place. He told me he wanted to move out of the city, so he had me list and sell his home, then help him buy a lot where he built a new hunting lodge.

Because of that one email I made a little more than $26,000 in commissions, and it’s entirely attributable to Happy Grasshopper.”

HOW MANY REPLIES DO YOU TYPICALLY GET FROM HG MESSAGES: “I have about 130 people in my Happy Grasshopper database–I only include people I’ve worked with before or actually know–and get 6 or 7 replies to each message. That’s not opens, but replies. That’s about a 5.4% REPLY rate, and I think that’s pretty darned good.”

HAVE YOU EVER GOTTEN A NEGATIVE RESPONSE TO AN HG MESSAGE? “Nope. I’ve had a couple of people opt out–that’s to be expected with any messaging campaign–but no one has in more than 6 months. But no one has ever said they thought the messages were silly or anything like that. My feedback has been pretty terrific.”

WHAT DID YOU THINK OF HG’S SETUP PROCESS? “Oh my goodness. It was so easy. I just uploaded my file and sent the first message. I think the whole process took less than half an hour. And the reports that we get are super-easy to read. The analytics and information about open rates give me just what I need to know.”

HOW MUCH REVENUE WOULD YOU SAY YOU COULD ATTRIBUTE TO HG? “Well, I’ve told you about the customer who responded to the first message. That was $26K right there. I can’t say exactly how much revenue that’s come as a result, but I can tell you that there were two transactions on the very first message and there have been 5 or 6 others over the course of the past year. There isn’t another product I use that gives more bang for my buck than Happy Grasshopper.”

WILL YOU CONTINUE TO USE HAPPY GRASSHOPPER? “Oh, absolutely! I love the service and will keep on keepin’ on. I think it’s great. Easy and a great value! My name is Steven Sharpe, and I’m a VERY happy Happy Grasshopper.


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