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building teamsBuilding a Team That Works

The most challenging aspect of leading a team is creating an environment where the people actually care what happens. You know, the kind of environment where people go out of their way to help the team and others around them. This isn’t easy, but with a little work on your end, your group can be a lean, mean, teaming machine! =)


Engage them

Before we continue, we want you to think about something: What does your team know about your strategy? If we were to gather your team in a room, would they be able to tell us anything about your strategy? If that answer is no, you’re not doing it right.

Keeping your team ‘in the know’ regarding company decisions, milestones, and expectations will not only keep them informed moving forward, but also make them feel as though they are directly responsible for the direction of the team – which, of course, they are!

Treat them as individuals

Find out everything you can about your team, meeting with them individually to find out what makes them tick. This is a great way to identify what their strengths are and how they may be better utilized. It’s amazing how something as simple as chatting over coffee can provide a perspective you had never noticed before.

Another great way to isolate strengths and weaknesses is through a DISC Profile. These assessments provide some insight into a person and how they may behave in a particular situation. Notice we said ‘may behave’? That’s because it’s not a perfect science, and not a replacement for personal interaction.

Develop them

What you get out of something is directly proportionate to what you put into it. Yeah, yeah, you’ve heard that before, but now it’s time to actually put it into practice. In the real estate realm, this takes the form of relevant courses and training which can keep your team educated and on top of new trends and technology.

If you don’t have the money for these courses/training, you can always put together the information and hold the class yourself. Keeping your team up-to-date will keep your business up-to-date. This is something you want.

Listen to them

Guys, this is a given, and something every team leader should be doing on a regular, consistent basis. How are you able to gain insight into your team if you don’t even take the time to find out what their concerns are?
Listening to your people and gaining their feedback is not only a great way to know which direction your team is headed, but also how to decide what decisions to make. The way we do it here at Happy Grasshopper comes in the form of our weekly Monday meetings, where every employee and department is allowed to share their thoughts and provide suggestions.

Recognize them

People who work hard and make your team better deserve recognition…are they getting it? The importance of recognizing exceptional performances isn’t just to stoke your team’s ego, but also to motivate them and make them feel responsible for success. Recognition can come in the form of awards, gifts, or a simple pat on the back.

While you can decide which form your recognition will take, it’s crucial to do it regularly so your team consistently has something to work towards. When someone really puts an effort into their role, there’s nothing more deflating than to think it went unnoticed. Don’t let it happen.

If you want even more tips on how to get the most from your team, be sure to register for our upcoming webinar with Bri and Ryan Tollefsen. Together, they’ve built an uber-successful team and will join us to discuss not only that, but also time management tips and how to best leverage systems and make them work for you. Don’t miss it! =)


Edit: This webinar has already happened. Please comment below if you would like to view the replay.

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