How do I respond to my database?

Happy Grasshopper is an interactive service.  We start the conversation, and it works best when you know how to continue it.  So you can have the most success, we’re providing some ideas for how to engage when your recipients respond to your Happy Grasshopper emails.

Response 1:  “Hey, I never knew that.  Thanks for sharing.”  End of email.

Since the point of the service is to start conversations, don’t let the communication fall flat.  Instead, you can actually copy and paste the following response or compose something similar that better suits your personality:

“You’re welcome! I thought it was pretty neat too.  Otherwise — how’ve you been doing?  And let me know if there’s anything I can do for you :)”

OR, If you’re pursuing an appointment strategy, you can use their reply to set an appointment by saying:

“You’re welcome! I thought that was pretty neat too.  By the way, I’ve been wanting to meet with you.  Can we get together for coffee next week?”

Response 2:  “Have you been hacked?”

Every now and then, the people you add to your database may not expect to receive a keep-in-touch focused message.  If you’ve only ever sent marketing messages or don’t currently communicate at all with your list, it makes sense that people might be surprised. If this happens to you, don’t fret. It’s actually a very good thing and creates a great chance to communicate with your peoplebase.

Simply reply by saying:

“No! I haven’t been hacked!  I’m just trying to do a better job of staying in touch without talking business all the time.”

Response 3: “Why are you sending me this?”

Again, don’t immediately assume that the question reflects a negative response.  You can use this message to start a conversation, even in the midst of confusion:

“I’m trying something new.  I really like the people I’ve gotten to know (and you’re one of them), and I’d like to do a better job of keeping in touch.

I feel that sending something interesting your way will be more enjoyable for you than constant market updates, which is why I shared that message earlier.

While I hope you enjoyed it, if you’d like for me to communicate with you in a different way, I respect that.  Let me know if you’d like for me to unsubscribe you from that list.

Otherwise, how have you been?”

Response 4: “Never Send Me This Again” – or Something Blatantly Negative

If you get a directly negative response of someone enraged or clearly upset that you would send interesting content to them, reply with a short apology and immediately unsubscribe them from the list.  In fact, if that occurs, consider unsubscribing them from your list of prospective clients entirely.  Unless you’re someone who really thrives on intense situations, imagine what will happen if you work with them and forget to send a piece of paperwork or have to break the news that what they want is out of their price range.

As always, if you get a response that you’re not sure how to approach – let us know at [email protected].  We’ll help you determine how to continue the conversation 🙂

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