This agent gained 2 listings on her very first day using her lead conversion campaigns.

Imagine sitting down at your desk one afternoon, opening up your inbox, and having 30 emails waiting for you — one of which includes two listing requests — and many other potential clients eager for further communication.

Screen Shot 2014-10-07 at 4.41.37 PMThis exact scenario happened to Jennifer Doak within hours of deploying her lead conversion campaign from Happy Grasshopper.

As she collaborated with the Happy Grasshopper team, she was nervous about the send schedules we suggested.  Like many mindful people, she didn’t want to email her leads too frequently and bother them.

Jennifer felt the same way about emailing her 1,100 old, “dead” leads.  Without having an extra nudge to do so, she never would have sent a message to a contact that had sat dormant in her peoplebase for three years.

Nonetheless, when she made the leap with her old leads, new leads, and sphere — people really did respond, and she re-established relationships.  Jennifer was surprised by the low rate of unsubscribes for such a large pool of contacts, and while a few people emailed her asking that she remove them from her mailing list, she said it was incredibly simple to do so because the system is so easy to use.

Some of her old leads responded to her saying, “We did find our home, and we’re all set.”  She answered them, saying, “That’s great!  Congratulations.  Thanks for letting me know — and also, would you like to receive market updates from me?”  Some said, “No, take me off your list,” — but others said, “Yes, we’d love that!”

More leads to nurture.

Before, when Jennifer gained a new lead, she would only reach out once or twice.  If they didn’t respond right away, she would allow them to grow cold.  Upon hearing from a few of those old leads who had bought homes, she researched tax records of their properties.  She quickly realized she had left sales on the table — one of which was worth $950,000.

Now, when a window of opportunity opens, she won’t miss it.

Jennifer also sent a message to her sphere and past clients, asking permission to keep in touch more regularly.  The responses flooded her inbox with, “Jennifer!  It’s so great to hear from you!  Of course you can keep in touch.”

Those responses also included:

A bank she had once served, asking her to list two foreclosures.

A dentist asking for help finding a new office building.

A past client asking her to check on a few things in the market.

A cash buyer wanting help relocating to the area.

A buyer looking for some waterfront, ocean-access property.

Screen Shot 2014-09-16 at 10.14.06 AM

Jennifer’s coach had been telling her, “You have to become someone who people know, like, and trust for them to want to work with you,” and she knows the messages in her Position-Me Campaign have helped her accomplish that.  Because they sound like her and aren’t intrusive, these messages foster personal connections (which leads to clients, revenue, and a growing business).

Now, she has made it part of her daily schedule to communicate with each person who responds to her Campaign — a necessary step in keeping her inbox under control, while gaining as much new business as possible.

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