Recruitment results are now up 1500% (and that’s on a bad day)

How Steve Kloetsch grew his business with Happy GrasshopperSteve Kloetsch co-founded RSVP Real Estate with his son, Andy, with a plan to offer strong support services and a phenomenal commission split to associates in their area.  In order to pursue their plans for growth, Steve chose email for his recruiting platform.  

He feels it’s important to stay tuned-in with the techniques other industries use for their marketing, and email is one of the best—it reaches the most people for the least cost.

His personal recruitment-email tactics returned moderate results—even though his structure had amazing benefits, they were somehow not being communicated.  For each message that RSVP sent out to its pool of contacts, Steve could expect maybe one response.  He knew his program was valuable, and he was wondering why more people weren’t interested.

In an attempt to achieve better results, he reviewed his strategies and recognized two principal flaws:

1. He’s long-winded.  As much as he tried to communicate what he had to offer, he felt like his long messages weren’t engaging enough for brokers to read.  They didn’t want to take the time needed to see all of the amazing aspects of his offer.

2. He’s busy.  Because Steve is growing his business, he has a lot more on his plate than sitting around and creating recruitment campaigns.  He knew he had to reach out to his pool of contacts consistently…but other things always came up, and his messaging was sporadic.

When he talked to a writer at Happy Grasshopper, she learned the ins and outs of his business, and they talked extensively about what differentiates him from other brokers.  

Steve said, “Marketing is all about differentiation, whether you’re selling real estate or bubble gum.  We have to be able to articulate why anyone would want us and not someone else.  Happy Grasshopper really captured each element of what we have to offer, so we trusted they knew what methods work and how to implement them best.”

After a smooth set-up process, his recruits campaign was up and running, dripping out approved messages to the select group of contacts on a consistent, proven schedule.  Steve soon realized he had another problem on his hands — every time Happy Grasshopper sends out his next message, his inbox quickly fills up with 15 – 17 replies…and he has to make time in his calendar to following up with all of them.

On a bad day, that’s a 1500% increase in performance, compared to his previous recruitment strategies.

“They clearly think it’s a real person who reached out to them by their response.  Even if they’re saying ‘I’m not ready to move on right now, but thanks for letting me know,’ I’m happy and know it’s working.  They’ll hang onto that communication for 6, 12, or even 18 months and then call me when they’re ready for a change.”

And not all of the responses have been a “thanks for letting me know” sort of deal.  Since his rollout date of his campaign, he’s already signed 8 new members to his team.  That’s an average of 1 – 2 new brokers each week—and their personalities, goals, and motivations are the perfect match for RSVP.

Are you thinking of expanding your team?  Don’t make it more difficult than it needs to be.

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