Happy Grasshopper is a game changer for Bob Little

Ask most real estate agents what they wish they could be doing better, and their answers probably have something to do with follow-up. Are you nodding in agreement?

We all know that staying in touch with your database can lead to some pretty amazing results. The challenge is how to do it most effectively while balancing everything else you’ve got going on. No wonder follow-up often becomes an afterthought!

Bob Little, a RE/MAX agent in Las Vegas, understands that struggle. After 10 years in real estate, he’d built up a large database – he just didn’t quite know how to tap into it.

Sure, he’d tried the typical strategies. Sending generic emails. Mailing open house postcards. Making phone calls when he had the time (which was almost never). He didn’t get much of a response, and he knew he needed to do something different.

“Nurturing leads and keeping in touch is key in this business,” he said. “I was worried I was missing out.”


Happy Grasshopper helped Bob find gold

Enter Happy Grasshopper. He’d heard some good things about the company and loved the idea of sending fun and customized email content to his database. After attending a RE/MAX convention and speaking with a member of the team, he signed up.

From day one, Bob knew he’d made a great decision.

“I loved the onboarding process,” he said. “Everyone wanted to set me up for success, and I had some very helpful people who answered all my questions.”

And what happened once Bob sent his first custom email?

“I got a lot of responses, which was a positive sign right away,” he said. “People were really happy to hear from me.”

It’s been more than a year since Bob started using Happy Grasshopper, and he couldn’t be more pleased at how easy it is to follow up with his database. He feels like the system has helped him be more organized and successful – and that it’s led to more sales and commissions. He’s since recommended Happy Grasshopper to several colleagues and they’re all just as excited about the results they’re getting.

“I’m so happy with the product,” he said. “It’s really helped my business grow, and it’s a great way to stay in contact.”

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