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Having a blog is not a strategy.

People want content, not a pitch.  Ask these questions when formulating your content strategy:

1. Who do I want to reach?

You tend to want to be everything to everyone.  The best thing you can do for your real estate business, or any business is to pick a niche.  This takes a lot of courage, but the narrower you get, the easier it is to speak directly to a specific consumer, capture their attention, and connect with them on a meaningful level.
Ask yourself – Who are your competitors ignoring?  What is your passion?

2. What do they want?

Buyers want home listings — sellers want to know what their home is worth.  When someone buys a home, they are really buying a lifestyle.
Tip – Stop looking at other agent websites, start looking at your local media sites for ideas.

3. How do you get what you want, while giving them what they want?

You need to ask them to contact you.  Do this by helping them understand the questions they have that need specific answers that you can help them with.
Example – Are you curious about upcoming events in this neighborhood?  Email me and I will update you.  Need help finding a home in this neighborhood?  Call me!

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