Why are many of the best salespeople so disorganized?


disorganized database can leave you feeling lost - happy grasshopper can fix thatAs a sales professional, I’m used to functioning with a certain amount of disorganization. And the busier I get, the messier things can become. How about you?

This disorganization is something I’ve struggled with my whole life. In fact, I’ll let you listen in:


SCENE: My life, age 15…
MOM: Everything has its place and there’s a place for everything. Go clean your room.
ME: I like to have everything where I can see it.
MOM: Go clean your room.
ME: I need a room that cleans itself.

: My life, age 26…
BOSS: Your pipeline is a wreck and you’re losing deals! Fix it or you’re fired!
ME: (murmuring under my breath) I like to have everything where I can see it.
BOSS: What did you say?!
ME: Nothing! Just thinking I need an office that cleans itself.
BOSS: Yeah… good luck with that.

SCENE: My life, age 31… (I own a business now!)
ME: My pipeline is a wreck and I’m losing deals! What the hell is the matter with me?
ALSO ME: I need a database that cleans itself… I should BUILD that!

: My life, age 48…
ME: Hmmm…how can I explain how much better my life is with an organized database and pipeline? I know! I’ll write a blog post about what a disorganized wreck I used to be.

Today, life for me really is different (even though my desk is neither clean nor neatly organized). I still love to have things where I can see them, but I’ve found something I love even more, and that’s fully automated organization and communication.

Have you ever asked yourself, “How can I organize my database?” It starts by simply planning to be organized.

I’ll let that sink in … say these words with me: “PLAN TO BE ORGANIZED”.

This is a critical distinction from what most people do. Instead, we (including me, for most of my life) start by getting seriously disorganized before we even realize there’s a problem.

And, of course, by then we’re already losing steam. We’re spending precious time searching for information that should be instantly accessible – and then we chide ourselves for it. This is part of what I lovingly describe as the “cycle of suck.”

It starts when we intend to do something. We have an impression – a vision – in our minds of how things are supposed to be. And then, when they are not that way, we beat ourselves up.

This is needless friction, and it’s stopping you from having the success you could be enjoying. And that success starts by helping you get a better vision of how things are supposed to be. (Then I’ll tell you the easiest way to make it all happen.)

So picture this…

How to quickly organize leads and past clients

First, you’ll want to start by identifying your lead sources and the categories of all the other people in your database.

Then you’ll need to look at where your contacts are now…which most likely includes your phone, client emails, CRM, MLS, and a whole variety of lead gen sources. Next, what needs to happen is a mass export and consolidation of all those contacts. They should be merged and case-corrected (so you’re not SHOUTING or whispering their names), and then grouped into the appropriate audiences for future messaging.

getting help with your database is a smart choice at happy grasshopperNext, you’ll need to connect directly to your lead sources so that contacts can be captured and organized automatically. Make sense? Sound easy?

Actually, this is easy for us because we do it every day. So, instead of expecting everything to be easy, and then stopping when you find out it’s not, how about booking a call with us at Happy Grasshopper and we’ll show you EXACTLY what it will take to get your database in shape.

If you’d like our help, just book an appointment and we’ll show you how that works. Go to happygrasshopper.com/apply.


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