by: Maya J. Paveza, Happy Grasshopper, Staff Writer; REALTOR®, Associate Broker (DE), and Real Estate salesperson (PA).

It's All About the Conversation in the End.

Dan Stewart CEO Happy Grasshopper Author Seriously Happy Selling and Master Conversationalist

It’s funny how long I’ve been focused on conversational marketing without even knowing it. Now we have ChatBots everywhere making life a bit easier when we seek information on services. When I reflect on how I got to this point, I recognize the catalyst: email marketing via drip campaigns.

Those gentle intrusions into a contact’s email in-box gained me opportunities I never imagined possible. Those tiny nudges contained nuggets of information. It’s like going to Costco and having a sample, you like it and want to try more. That’s what the emails always did for me: they created an opportunity for a conversation with someone I might not know or just encountered at an open house. Implementing a solid conversational marketing campaign can be the make or break difference in your content strategy.

Dan Stewart, John Mangas and Jared James in action! National Association of REALTOR Annual Conference San Francisco 2019

The irony, I already knew the “Guru of Conversation,” the “Deacon of the Database” —the always enthusiastic, perpetually happy, CEO of Happy Grasshopper (Dan Stewart, if you didn't know). He was the one that brought that powerful tool into my real estate agent arsenal. Dan Stewart practices what he preaches; he has an uncanny ability to be there no matter when that time is. His outlook is perpetually positive, but it’s also inspiring! That’s a rare quality because we all know far more of the types that don’t inspire, rather they annoy us instead. Like nails on a chalk-board, ugh!

You know the type I mean, those folks on the other end of the “perpetual happiness” spectrum who you may want to gently shove off a pier as soon as an opportunity presents itself? Dan is the guy we flock to, or want to be around, to try and absorb some of that sunny disposition and positive outlook. It's the REAL deal with Dan.

Dan Stewart, CEO Happy Grasshopper in Action. Sharing his knowledge, experience and expertise

The reason Happy Grasshopper is so successful at helping you create a conversation, is because we are driven by Dan, his concept, and his creation. His natural talents. Dan’s inspiration, focus, keen understanding of how people connect, build trust, and develop relationships translates beautifully to our various messaging services. Then in turn they work for everyone of our members who uses the system.

Conversation and relationships are the DNA of Happy Grasshopper. That’s why it works so well, I speak from experience. For the proof (call it social proof if you would like)—check out some of our member testimonials. Choosing Happy Grasshopper is a no-brainer, the ROI is unmatched.  With Happy Grasshopper, your investment continues to grow, the longer you are a member, because you continually are nurturing your database and building those relationships.

That's why, when you create conversations to gain conversions, the results only get better the longer you're a member.

Let's have some FUN!

Using the conversational talents of Dan Stewart as our inspiration… tell us about the most unexpected conversation you've ever had with a stranger. What surprised you the most about that conversation?

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