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Easy to use

Brandon Jones

Easy to use and makes it easier to send out messages of value to your database.

You are the best!

Monique Ezell

You are the best company for this. I recommend you to everyone!

I am impressed!

Tommy Ferguson

I have been extremely impressed with your entire company and how you handle everything. I have tried many different systems and none of them have been as eager or happy to help me get started as Happy Grasshopper. I absolutely love the personal touch of the thank you card!

LOVE Happy Grasshopper!

Jim Lee

LOVE Happy Grasshopper. We tell many of our Realtor friends in other areas about it and recommend it highly.

Easy to keep in touch!

Josephine Putnam

Happy Grasshopper makes it easy to keep in touch with my customers.


Nicole Middlebrooks

I've already connected with two people I haven't talked to in years. I know this is the start of something big!

Email just sent, 15 responses!

Stacey Harris Lake Forest, IL

My email just went out. I received 15 responses. I got a response from a potential client saying that he received my email and will be coming into town in 2 weeks to buy a home (he lives out of state) and wanted to work with me exclusively since I kept in touch with him.

First Email and 4 Clients Replied!

Mary Noguera Huntington Beach, CA

I heard from 4 clients so far. It's only the first email! Love it! Thanks so much. :-)

Something Amazing Happened!

Todd Clark Beaverton, OR

Something amazing just happened - I made over $17,000 in commission during my free trial!!

Great Way to Develop a Presence...

Paul Franciskato Asset Brokering Services

Happy Grasshopper provides a great way to develop a presence in the minds of those who are part of one's sphere of influence without being intrusive. I'm enjoying my Happy Grasshopper service!

Affordable, Easy, Effective!

Jan G. Committee Chair, Residential Green Building

Great response rate. My first e-mail campaign produced a 10% response rate and all favorable conversations surrounding the topic. I love the easy setup and the fact that I can add my own contacts whenever I need to. Affordable and easy to use. Kudos!

I hear from prospects I thought were no longer viable! WOW!

Arne S. Cash Flow Analyst / Account Executive at Transworld Systems Inc.

Happy Grasshopper is terrific! I am hearing from prospects who I thought were no longer viable. I consistently receive feedback and comments from each edition I use. I recommend it, but don't let me competitors know about it.

I love the new Social Media Posts

Desi Sowers

Just wanted to let you folks know I’m absolutely loving the new Social Media posts you’ve made available thru HG!!

Ease of use

Andrew Pikoff

Ease of use and customer service is awesome!

I loved!

Travis Recer

I have been blown away by the way that you handle everything from the sales process down. Love the way you have beaten my expectations and I want to look at how I can run my business more like yours! Great job everyone!!!!

Great writing staff!

Thomas Taranto

Great automation and great writing staff!

I'm happy!

Julie Mahoney

I like it, clients like it...I'm happy!

I love Happy Grasshopper!

Judy Szamos

Wow! I love Happy Grasshopper. I needed some changes to my signature that were a little more involved and Paul got them done quickly, at no additional cost and they look great! I have been using this service since 2015 and it has been hugely beneficial for my business. It allows me to stay in contact with 250 clients at the click of a button and on a regular basis. They have professional writers who come up with great content and all I have to do is edit it to make it sound like me. Thanks, HG

Great response from clients!

Cheri Pitt

Great response from clients!

Great way to stay in touch!

Robin A. Hood

Great way to stay in touch without being overbearing.

Feedback is positive from my clients!

Peg Hawley

I like the program the feedback is positive from my clients & it's easy!

Keeps me in front of my sphere!

Randall Martin

I get a good return on my value and it keeps me in front of my sphere.