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1 How Better Lead Response Will Help You Sell More

get happy with your email marketing and sales leads when you choose happy grasshopper for 667% better content

If your open rate were 667% higher than your competitor, do you think you’d sell more? We do. A key metric most real estate agents use to determine if their marketing efforts are effective is the response or “closings” they get. At Happy Grasshopper, we know that is your goal, and we are laser-focused on helping […]

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It’s Not Just A Case Study … It’s a Happy Study!

At Happy Grasshopper, we love things that are fun, friendly, conversational, and altogether non-douchey. But that’s not ALL we’re about. We are fun, yes, but we are deadly serious about the products we deliver. Our messaging may seem simple, but it’s pretty darned powerful. Just how powerful? Well, we aim to show you. And one […]

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Mike Simonsen: Data geek. Provocateur. Rabblerouser.

Geeking out for Data, Architecture, and Family Mike Simonsen is a data head. No question about it. This is a guy who gets excited by numbers, finds a thrill in a good algorithm, and who sees the elegance in accurate analysis. Yes, the CEO of Altos Research is a geek of the highest order, indeed, […]

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Think Outside The Box? Where Is This Box People Keep Talking About?

It is a cliche for a reason… Did you know that people actually are more creative when they “think outside the box”? I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Psychological Science conducted a study where participants were seated–literally–either inside or outside of a cardboard box and then asked to complete a simple experiment meant to test […]

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1 Kelly Mitchell: Entrepreneur, Caffeinator, Super-Soaker.

Jack (or Jill) of many trades Kelly Mitchell is many things. She’s a Hawaii girl. She’s a certifiable coffee junkie. She’s an entrepreneur. She’s a mom (and a grandmom!). She’s a developer. She’s one of Inman News’ 100 Most Influential People in Real Estate. She’s all of this and much, much more. But ask Kelly […]

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Helping Heroes, Achieving Awesome. That’s Abby!

Encountering Awesome You know, my job is really cool. I get to talk to all kinds of neat people, learn about what makes them tick (and sometimes what makes them laugh), and then I get to write about them. I love it more than a lot. One of the reasons it’s so terrific is that […]

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The Best Time To Send An E-Mail | Happy Grasshopper

The best way to send email. We’ve DONE IT. We’ve uncovered THE TRUTH. We’ve unlocked THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE. We’ve discovered THE BEST TIME TO SEND AN E-MAIL. Really. It’s true. Or not. Look. There are gajillion “studies” out there, performed by people with impressive-sounding job titles like, “social scientist” (and so on and […]

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Obtuse, Random & Awesome.

World’s Happiest Clients! You know what? I LOVE talking to our customers. LOVE it. Do you know why? Because they are awesome and hilarious and quirky and fun and SMART. They never fail to make me laugh or to get me all amped up with their enthusiasm for life, their work, and, of course, for […]

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Jimmy Mackin, Email & The Lifeblood of Your Business

Build a business through relationships We’ve said it time and time again: creating REAL relationships is the easiest, best path to better business. People want to do business with you, not with a pile of market statistics (though, yes, we recognize that these data are important … just not ALWAYS). When you sit down to […]

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