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Happy Grasshopper is a game changer

Ask most real estate agents what they wish they could be doing better, and their answers probably have something to do with follow-up. Are you nodding in agreement? We all know that staying in touch with your database can lead to some pretty amazing results. The challenge is how to do it most effectively while […]

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You’re Better Than This. It’s Time For Email That Doesn’t Suck.

Happy Grasshopper isn’t your ordinary email service. It’s a Keep In Touch Service. And it works. Keeping in touch with customers and potential contacts is one of the simplest and most effective means of building businesses. Staying in the tops of your friends’ and customers’ minds is what assures you that it’ll be YOU that […]

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It’s Not Just A Case Study … It’s a Happy Study!

At Happy Grasshopper, we love things that are fun, friendly, conversational, and altogether non-douchey. But that’s not ALL we’re about. We are fun, yes, but we are deadly serious about the products we deliver. Our messaging may seem simple, but it’s pretty darned powerful. Just how powerful? Well, we aim to show you. And one […]

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Think Outside The Box? Where Is This Box People Keep Talking About?

Did you know that people actually are more creative when they “think outside the box”? I know it sounds cliche, but it’s true. Psychological Science conducted a study where participants were seated–literally–either inside or outside of a cardboard box and then asked to complete a simple experiment meant to test their creativity. The results showed plainly that […]

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