The 3 F’s of Real Estate Blog Content Creation

Learn the Secret to Great Blog Content CreationIf “content is king“, then content creation is the King Mother. Without quality content, you might as well not have any content at all. The secret to great blog content creation, no matter what industry you are working in, is to follow the Rule of Three F’s for strategic content—Fresh, Frequent and Fundamental.

What’s your Focus? Focus to find your blog audience.

Your focus is on creating valuable and informative content for the real estate consumer, your community, and anyone you may want to connect with. This is organic lead generation at its best and brightest.

Whether you are already well established as a real estate agent, just beginning your career as a REALTOR, or just looking for a new way to add some spice to your real estate business with some solid search engine optimization—blogging is your pot o’gold.

A blog is one of the most powerful online tools you can use (short of vlogging—which is a combination of video and blogging—but you can also combine the two…that’s a more advanced topic). Yet a blog doesn’t exist in a content vacuum all by itself.

Why should you care? What results would you get? The Big Payoff.

The Three F’s of Content Creation are the basic and most reliable method to ensure that your content is relevant and timely, but most of all it gives you great search results—which is where the SEO comes into play. By seeding very specific information into your writing, you are helping establish (or build) your credibility as the area expert or within a specific niche.

When search results are obtained through content creation like this, we refer to those results as “organic.” Organic is considered the best and most effective way to establish yourself as an expert in any vertical. This is because organic results receive a higher level of respect and acknowledgment reserved only for content-driven by viewer choice, not sponsorship. This is where trust and credibility come into play.  Ready to learn the secret to great blog content creation?

Getting down to business.

Let’s break down the three F’s of content creation to explain why each is essential to achieve success in the others. It is important to understand if you do only one thing, and nothing more anywhere else online, you will want to follow these basics. It’s finally time to learn the secret to great blog content creation!

The Three F’s of Content Creation

  1. Learn the Secret to Great Blog Content CreationFresh.

    Fresh content means you are creating “new” content. It doesn’t mean you are reinventing the wheel, you are just providing a new “spin” to it. Have you ever wondered how many ways you could write the same concept, or word a single statement? This is the time to figure that out. You want to keep it fun (maybe we should make this 4 F’s?) so that your audience is engaged.

    Don’t worry if you aren’t a “writer” or lack the training and education of a writer. It’s more important to communicate in a conversational manner. And remember: the best SEO results come from content that is clear, concise, and succinct.

  2. Frequent.

    Make it frequent! Frequent, fresh content is the key here. Frequency is truly essential and non-negotiable if you want to create authority for your blog, and yourself. By keeping the frequency high, you will get the best results. To get the optimum results from your efforts, you need to deliver that fresh content at least three times per week.

    The ideal posting schedule for the first few months is five or six days a week. This will deliver faster, more powerful results. If you are not sure you are up to the task of frequent content creation, then start with a few days a week. Some content is better than none at all.

  3. Fundamental.

    The content you are providing should meet the fundamental needs of your audience, or the audience you are trying to attract. Think of the questions that you are frequently asked and use those as topics. I like to record my topic ideas that pop into my head on my smartphone.

    Another option is to keep a pocket-sized journal with you at all times, and just jot down notes as topics or ideas pop into your head. Your environment, as well as your day to day activities and experiences, are the best inspiration for new content ideas. The things you see every day as a REALTOR will inspire content creation.

    Take a few minutes to really look at what you do and how frequently you review similar topics or concepts related to the real estate process with your clients. Those are the keys to what you should be writing about. You will be amazed at the plethora of inspiration there already is right under your nose.

It’s Not Rocket Science (usually).

Content creation doesn’t have to be complicated—don’t overthink it. Go easy on yourself and your audience by writing about topics you are passionate about or extremely knowledgeable about.

Sometimes it is helpful to just start writing, let the words flow and see where they take you. You can always go back and edit your content. You are very likely to discover that after a simple exercise like freewriting you have something you can break into multiple posts.

Learn the Secret to Great Blog Content CreationThe key here is to not get caught up with “composition”—just start writing. For novice writers, you will find that the best content you can create is brief. Try to keep your posts to 300 words or less.

That can be difficult for some, and self-editing is not always easy. If you are one of those people, step away for 24 hours then review and edit your content later.

Clearing your head in this manner will help you gain perspective on the message you are trying to communicate. For some, it can be a daunting task to be so concise, but the rewards are well worth the task.

Ready to write?

Jump on in and get that content created! Don’t have a blog? You can use ActiveRain to post your blog, or we will cover places to host your blogs in a future article.

What are some of your favorite fundamental topics to share on your real estate blog? Tell us below in the comments, and we will highlight the best ideas in an upcoming post!



By: Maya Paveza, REALTOR, Associate Broker (Delaware) & Licensed Salesperson (Pennsylvania), Content Strategist/Writer at Happy Grasshopper.
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