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5 Great Emails

Your customer database should be your most valued asset

You can slice it and dice it in a million ways (maybe even a million and one), but there, sadly, is one part of it–a part that often sits there, glowing brightly like a neon sign on a roadside motel–that most people flat-out ignore.

We’re talking about people who know you, but who aren’t looking to buy from you right now.

There are all kinds of people who fall into this group. Your family, your friends, past customers, folks from the PTA or your kid’s soccer team, your referral partners … all of those people who, at one time or another, made up a valuable part of your business.

Guess what? They’re STILL a valuable part of your business.

Just because they’re not interested in buying something right now doesn’t mean they won’t be ready tomorrow or next week or next year. These people are all future customers and, even more importantly, they are the word of mouth for your business. Here’s the problem: if you’re constantly talking shop to them, they will, at the very least grow weary of hearing it (“Oh great … more market statistics.” ::YAWN::) and, at worst, feel like you’re only interested in them as far as they can line your pockets. That’s no good.

Psst! There’s a way to handle this.

Happy Grasshopper customers know a secret that helps them with The Problem. They know that sending a fun, friendly email every so often to this oft-neglected, but super-duper important part of their database is great way to keep in touch, build relationships, and stay top-of-mind with these folks. Happy Grasshopper customers don’t have to ‘talk shop’ or try to sell to this group because the simple act of starting a conversation or sharing something that will make them smile is more than enough to get the referral ball rolling.

It’s just that easy.

Happy Grasshopper wrote and sent 1,000s of emails for our customers that do that very thing. Here’s a list of their favorites. These were the most sent, most opened and most clicked through emails – we sent them a little over 1.5 million recipients, they were opened by over 400,000 folks and 150,000 of them viewed the links.

#5 How to Change the World


When I think about people who are changing the world, it’s usually along the lines of Mark Zuckerberg or Bill Gates. These guys don’t have anything on this mom and son team. Whether it’s helping someone carry their groceries, picking up a tab, or buying a tank of gas, the message they’re sending is clear: “Please do a good deed today, whatever it may be.”

What is the nicest thing someone has done for you lately? Is there anything I can help with?

All the best,

#4 World’s Easiest-to-Build House


This is great, even if your tool skills are limited to knowing the difference between a flathead screwdriver and a phillips head, you can now build your own house. These panels are the key.

Have you started any DIY projects lately?

I hope you are well, I’m always here even if you just need to borrow a screwdriver.

All the best,

#3 The Gift of Home


I just saw this article and it got me thinking. A man in Los Angeles has given a year’s use of his fully-furnished home to a family of strangers. Isn’t that amazing? He didn’t interview them, he didn’t do background checks, he just went to a local shelter and asked them to find a family in need.


I have to admit, it resets my thinking about how much we can do to help others. This man actually moved back in with his mother so he could do it. What’s the most generous thing you’ve ever considered doing? If you did it, was it worth it? How did it make you feel?

All the best,

#2 Breakfast, Lunch and Hugs


I came across this clip about a young man with down’s syndrome who owns his own restaurant. It reminded me of Zig Ziglar’s quote, “Your attitude, not your aptitude, determines your altitude!”

I’ve never seen a hug counter in a restaurant before, but I think it might be a more accurate indicator of profitability than net income.

What do you think…should more businesses institute a hugging policy?

All the best,

#1 An Exciting Way to Start the New Year


Have you ever tried to do this?  I always wanted to – here is how to ‘sabre champagne’.

I hope you have a wonderful 2014 that is full of laughter, fun and excitement.

All the best,

PS – You can send messages and start keeping in touch with your sphere; our Client Happiness Specialists will help you set up your account, clean up your database and load it into the Happy Grasshopper system. That means that in less than an hour, you can on your way to keeping in touch and earning more from your sphere. You can send your first message free by calling us at 727-232-9117 or by taking the HG Challenge here.

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