Thinking about growing your real estate team?  We’ve looked at three of the best sources for real estate agents who might want to join you — and we’re sharing with you not only where to look, but also how to connect through email.


1. Fellow Agents

The people we most encounter time and again in real estate business are a dependable group of contacts to connect with on your next steps.  You’ve worked with them, closed deals with them, become friends with them at conferences.  They might be one of the strongest pools of contacts to reach out to with email, since they already affiliate so many positive experiences with you and you have built good rapport.

The one catch: it will be tough to hard-sell salespeople.  They can see right through you.  And, since they already know you, a poor approach could damage your relationship.

Instead, by letting them know what you’re doing and asking for their help and insight, you can further strengthen your friendship.  Not only will it build trust by being transparent and allowing them to have a voice, if they are looking to change their business, they might want to work with you.

This group of people deserves a lot of respect.  Treating them accordingly make a big impact on your business long-term, even if they don’t join your team.

Here’s a recruiting email template that you can tweak for connecting with these people:

Subject:  Big News

Hi !first_name!,

I’m starting my own [brokerage / team]!

I always respect your opinion on things, and I’d like to run my business plan by you to see what you think.  You have valuable insight, and I’d really love your input.

The basics that I’m thinking of are creating a positive environment, only investing resources that are especially helpful to associates’ ROI, and offering an impressively competitive commission split.

Would you be open to meeting me for a cup of coffee and sharing your thoughts?

All the best,

Yours Truly

2. Agents You Meet

As you work on growing your team, keep your eye out for agents you meet who seem like they would be positive additions.  They could be from conferences, someone representing the other end of a transaction, or even someone you meet at the grocery store.  After hearing them talk and realizing they value the same things as you, add them to the list of candidates to connect with and at least learn more about.

Here’s a recruiting email template for reaching out to them (tweak it to your tastes!):

Subject:  Checking In

Hi !first_name!,

It was so good connecting with you the other day at ____.  I loved listening to what you’re doing with your business and why you’re so passionate about it.

I would love to talk to you further and learn more about your interests.  You see, I’m growing my [team / brokerage], and we’re offering hands-on, personalized services to our associates while employing one of the most competitive commission structures in our area.

Would you be open to meeting for a cup of coffee and discussing a few opportunities?

All the best,

Yours Truly


3. Mid-Range Performers

Just because you don’t know someone doesn’t mean they wouldn’t be a good fit for your team.  Here’s the thing though – top producers are clearly doing well where they are.  It takes a special set of circumstances for them to want to change their surroundings.

New real estate agents are testing the waters.  They’re learning a) if this industry is for them and b) what they want from a team.

Mid-Range Performers, however, are those who clearly have what it takes to make this a career, but they haven’t reached the prosperity they’re looking for.  Now, you can offer it to them.

Here’s a recruiting email message you can use to reach them:

Subject:   Quick Question

Hi !first_name!,

I’ve noticed your production — you’ve reached a level that 50% of real estate agents never reach, and you clearly have what it takes to make it in our industry.

But I want to know, are you producing the volumes that allow you to live the lifestyle you want?

If not, I would really love to meet with you.  I’ve been working hard to create systems that will help agents like you use your skills to grow to the next level – without too much sweat.  Really just some necessary adjustments and the support you need.

With all those systems and support, plus one of the most competitive commission splits in our area, I know I can help you achieve the career you’ve been looking for.

Would you be open to meeting me for a cup of coffee?


Yours Truly

What’s one agent recruiting niche you’re having trouble connecting with?  We’d love to know — maybe we can help!.

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