5 Daily Rituals to Get More Listings
What To Say Now Episode 39

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Dan Stewart (00:00): Hi. I'm Dan Stewart and this is, What to Say Now. If you're like me, you're a goal driven person and you've tried a lot of things and you've had varying degrees of results. Today I'm going to lay out for you five simple activities that if you commit to doing them every single day of your life, you will achieve absolutely astounding results. I promise this will completely reframe your thoughts of what you're capable of achieving.
Dan Stewart (00:40): Here are the five thoughts and just now I see some people are joining me live. Thank you so much for doing that. I love that you're here. Hi Peter. Hi Brian. Yes, audio. That last video was the best ever, except for maybe the sound wasn't on. Could have been that. Let me help you guys. Let me help everyone and everyone who hears this because a life well lived, a life that's full of success and passion and relationships and results, well, that only comes from your exhibiting a level of commitment that few of us do. That doesn't mean it's hard. It just means it's something that has to be done consistently over time to really accrue up to big results. I'm going to give you five things that I strongly encourage you to do.
Dan Stewart (01:29): The first is to journal every single day. I use a device called the reMarkable. You can use a pen and paper, a yellow legal pad, whatever it is, just get yourself a journal. Step number one, get a journal and use it. And I know that simply telling you to use a journal does not really answer all the questions that you have. It doesn't. What the heck do I say, Dan? What do I journal about? What goes into this journal that makes it so amazing? Well, that's items number two and three on your list.
Dan Stewart (02:00): The second thing that you should do, the item number two on your list is to enter your metrics in the journal. You should have daily metrics that you keep track of that go there. I recommend they come from three categories, your health, your wealth and your growth. I'll give you an example. Every day, every single day at 8:30 AM, my sales team gathers from around the world and we start the day by talking about our results from the prior day and then we role play. We warm up, we get the juices flowing, ready to have a great day and we close every meeting by each of us setting goals. We record those in the journal. Everybody does the same thing and it gives us each a clear guide that we can look back. We could see our growth and our progress in ourselves and our careers by building that journal and looking back in it over time. That's item number two, record your metrics for health, wealth and growth every single day in your journal.
Dan Stewart (03:03): Item number three and this also goes in your journal, is to set a goal. Set a goal, that's part one. Describe what it is. Really write it down in detail and then and this is the crucial part, take steps towards achieving it. It's not enough just to have a goal, you got to put action behind that goal if you have any hope of achieving it. That's step number three, you set that goal, you take steps towards achieving it every single day and that's what you journal about. What was your previous goal? How's your path progressing towards the achievement of that goal? These are things that should get recorded there.
Dan Stewart (03:46): Item number four, this is a very crucial part in the sequence because this is where we start exiting our internal space, our head space, our thinking space and we step out into the larger world. With step number four, you're going to pick up the phone and you're going to call three people and have real conversations with them. Here's how those conversations should go. Step one, you reestablish rapport. You reengage, you reestablish the anchors there. That's quick and easy to do. Step two, you express sincere gratitude to them. Expressing sincere gratitude is one of the most amazing power generators that mankind knows of. This is an absolute huge thing. When you express gratitude to people and it's sincere, they immediately feel great about you. There's power that develops there that they want to apply on your behalf, which will come in super handy because in step number three, you're going to share with them the goal that you've set for yourself and ask for their help in achieving it.
Dan Stewart (05:03): I'll give you an example. In last week's episode, we talked about conversations you can have to generate listings in a super hot market where inventory is so tight. And one of our group members did exactly what we asked. She reached out, had a text conversation with someone. In the text she said, "By the way, do you know anyone who's thinking of selling their home?" This person with whom she's built a relationship, leaped, leaped into her service. She is so excited about helping her friend find people who are looking to move. It feels great for her to get to help other people. It's one of our core human needs, our need to contribute to the wellbeing of other people. You can literally ethically, honorably create an army of people who are happy to refer you when you show up in the world in the right way. That's the third part of step number four. We're having this conversation with them, we're reestablishing rapport, expressing sincere gratitude, then we're sharing a goal that we've set for ourselves and we're asking for their help in achieving it.
Dan Stewart (06:18): Now there's one more step in our five simple daily activities. And that fifth step is my favorite. I have saved the best for last. The fifth step is to make a stranger smile. How much fun is that? Now why? Why Dan? Why do you put this on the list of all the things that we could do? The reason this one is so important is because it teaches us how powerful we actually are. When we can enter a space where someone's in a rut and we can interrupt their pattern and cause them to smile, we are literally making the world a brighter place.
Dan Stewart (07:00): That is a flag I've planted and I will defend. Absolutely. I would love, I would be so honored if there are more smiles in the world today because people reached out and made other people smile. That's a wonderful thing to be able to do. A, make the world a better place by doing it. B, the second reason that you should endeavor to make a stranger smile every single day is because it grows your own confidence, your inner strength, your personal power. It's impossible to exercise that muscle where you're making a positive impact for other people without also really, truly coming to respect your own ability to positively influence the outcome of any environment.
Dan Stewart (07:48): Those five daily activities are exactly what you need. It's simple, it's free. What's the cost of a journal? You're using some ink and a journal, you don't have to get the fancy reMarkable like I did. You just have to do this work. It's not hard. If there's a challenge here at all, it's maintaining consistency over time. And yet I promise you that you cannot get through even just seven days of doing this without seeing a dramatic improvement in your internal fortitude, the way you feel about yourselves, the way you feel about your ability to influence the world around you and the way you feel about the value that you bring to other people. I also promise you that you can't do this for seven days without having people say, "You know what? I have a customer for you." That will happen as a result of this. You try it and you will see.
Dan Stewart (08:45): I want to hear your comments down below in the chat. I want to hear about your progress as you're putting this into work. And I also would invite you to send me an email, [email protected]. If you would like to be part of this small little accountability circle that I'm going to build around us, I invite you to reach out to me so that we can do that.
Dan Stewart (09:07): Let's recap. There are five simple daily rituals that if you put them into practice, it will help you achieve any and every goal you set for yourself. The first is to journal. Steps two and three are essentially what you should be journaling about. Step two, record your metrics. There are three of them, your health, your wealth and your growth. Want to track that progress over time. Number three, set a goal and take steps towards achieving it. You're journaling about that. You're writing tasks for yourself that you'll take steps towards achieving. In step number four, we exit our internal reality. We step out into the world by calling three people we know. Minimum of three people every single day, we're reestablishing rapport with them, we're expressing sincere gratitude to them, we're sharing our goal with them and we're asking them for help in achieving it. And then the final step, step number five is to make a stranger smile. I hope I made some of you smile today.
Dan Stewart (10:18): Thank you to those of you who put up with the early audio snafu. Thank you for letting me know. And I'm sorry for not looking at your texts and your comments there in real time, but Peter and Brian definitely appreciate the heads up there. Thank you for that. This has been episode number 39 of What to Say Now. If you're watching this on YouTube or somewhere else, please join our Facebook group at facebook.com/groups/whattosaynow. It's where myself and my team of writers answer your communication questions. It's where we help you know exactly what to say and when to say it and for how long to keep saying it so that you get the results that you're looking for. I'm Dan Stewart, thanks for attending. Have a great day. Bye.