What to say now...

You know that moment—that oh-so-awkward moment when you just don't know WHAT to say.  We've all been there. Heck, it defines this moment in time, right?

Happy Grasshopper is beginning a movement. Something completely new, to help anyone who is having, or has had, that moment.

We're proud to present "What To Say Now," an interactive Q&A with Happy Grasshopper founder and CEO Dan Stewart.
when you don't know what to say next
Each week Dan will focus on what you want to talk about. You define the conversation, ask the question, and perhaps be our guest on the episode. We want to help you to be your authentic self, to share genuine concern and real conversation with your clients, co-workers or anyone else.  

Our primary focus will be helping you start real, genuine conversations with people, but we will also have special guests popping in regularly to help tackle things like handling objections, discussing market conditions, generating referrals, converting leads, and much, much more.  

It's Interactive "Dear Abby" for Sales Professionals.

"What to Say Now" is interactive Q&A built around YOUR input, questions, or thoughts, we need to hear from YOU.

Use this handy-dandy form to submit whatever you would like. Of course, if you prefer to remain anonymous, just let us know. We do require your contact information but we promise it will only be between you, Dan and the Producers of the show.  

Think of us as the "Dear Abby" of the real estate world - we're here for you!
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How Can I Participate?

As an interactive Q&A, we love helping people answer those burning questions that they have. The best way to ensure that your questions are answered by us is to fill out that form above.

Want an entire of community of professionals collaborating on helping you solve your problem? Head over to the "What To Say Now" Facebook Group and prepare to be amazed.

How Can I watch?

What To Say Now will be live-streamed on Facebook every Tuesday at 2pm EST.

Head on over to the Happy Grasshopper Facebook page and watch live and check out some of our previous episodes.

Make sure to give us a LIKE while you are there and "follow" so you will get a notification when we go live.

Previous Episodes

WTSN Episode 22 - Martial Art of Achievement Cover
Episode 22: The philosophy of the best martial artists is completely applicable and relevant to real estate agents and achievement in business. In this episode, Dan discusses the framework and philosophy utilized by Lee Jun-fan, better known to most as Bruce Lee and how it relates to growing your real estate business.  

WTSN Episode 21 - Zombie Hunting Cover
Episode 21: What would it mean for you if right now, today, you were to discover that you had a hidden bank account? The good news is that there are a ton of transactions hiding inside of your old, cold, dead, moldy leads and contacts and today we are going to show you how to dig them out. 

Episode 20: Think about all of the people you have in your life that could potentially send referral business your way, the number is staggering. Using a simple 3 step framework allows you to grow your sphere, earn more clients, and harvest more referrals from your database. dan shows you exactly what that framework looks like and how it works to grow your real estate business. 

Episode 19: Wherever you are, achieving your goals means engaging others in conversation. Whether it's through email, text message, voicemails, cards, or phone calls, don't overcomplicate things and hinder your own success because you can't get out of your own way. In today's episode, Dan Stewart gives you the 3 steps you need to take to improve your lead conversion techniques and your business. 
Episode 18: For real estate agents, increasing your income doesn't have to mean more transactions if you increase your average transaction value. So what's stopping you from selling a home worth $500,000 instead of the $250,000 home you are used to selling? The biggest factor is your mindset, and Dan Stewart can help you clear that problem once and for all. 
Episode 17: Building relationships can lead to financial prosperity, more joy in your life, and make a larger impact on others. Building relationships isn't difficult if you are willing to reach out and engage with people in a more effective way in order to have meaningful results. Today we share the framework to accomplish your big goals. 

Conversations That Empower - What To Say Now
Episode 16: Wherever you are right now in your life, the path between where you are and where you want to go is paved with conversations. Relationships, contracts, and learning all happen through conversation. Knowing how to act and respond is a powerful tool and skill that will help you win in business and in life. 
Conversation Starts Inside Our Own Heads
Episode 15: Over the past 14 episodes, we've been talking very consistently about things you can say to generate a specific, desired outcome. We can give you the language for those things, yet none of that matters if you aren't saying the same right things to yourself. Today, we are going to have a real conversation about the things we say internally.  
Communication + Consistency = Professionalism
Episode 14: When it comes to communication, consistency equals professionalism. Check out what's coming down the pipeline at Happy Grasshopper to help you deliver consistency and professionalism in order to close more deals and get more referrals.
The Effective Real Estate Communication Plan Framework
Episode 13: In real estate, contacts are worthless! It's the relationship that you have with those contacts that are priceless. If you want to be sure that you are going to win that business with people over time, you have to maintain a relationship. This episode goes into depth on exactly how to do that. 
Episode 12: Conversation is the path that leads us to everything we want to achieve in life and affects your productivity, fulfillment, and purpose. Dan Stewart is joined by Angela Kristen Taylor to discuss how to ensure that you remain productive, centered, and SANE in a socially distanced work environment. 
What To Say Now Episode 11 Cover Photo with Valerie Garcia
Episode 11: At Happy Grasshopper, we believe that conversations leads to contracts. In this episode, Dan Stewart is joined by Valerie Garcia who has been using her email "Love Letter" for over 4 years and generating a ton of business with it.
Episode 10: Technology has enhanced the way we do business today, but old school still works. In this episode, we discuss technology, relationships, and invoation and how those can help to enhance the tried and true "old school" methods.
Episode 9: In this episode, we get a view of real estate marketing in today's covid world and discuss the current market, virtual showings, and discuss the uptick of ADA lawsuits for real estate websites.
Cover photo for What To Say Now Episode 8
Episode 8: Being an expert in one subject doesn't make you an expert in every subject. In this episode, we dive into comments by Suze Orman and why her Facebook posts on Covid and the real estate market have generated so much debate. 

Episode 7: There has been a lot of discussion on real estate agents practicing dual agency. Now we are going to take that topic to a whole new level - what about real estate agents earning commissions on the FINANCING side of the transaction as well? Yeah, getting paid on the mortgage is a thing, and we are talking about it on today's show.
Episode 6: Wouldn't it be nice if you had a framework to work from when dealing with difficult conversations? Learn the 3 essential parts to include to help change minds and change behaviors with compassion that you can use at work, at home, or anywhere!
Episode 5: On this week's show, we talk about how real estate agents can utilize Facebook communities to grow their business (without selling), how to create conversations, and why engagement on social media is essential to be seen, recognized, and building your authority as an area expert.

Episode 4: Conversation is the cure for everything that's wrong with the world. Polarizing topics and difficult discussions are the key points - we are talking about murder, racial tension, and how to address these topics with your real estate database.
Episode 3: In this episode, we discuss unresponsive leads and past clients, the potential for a foreclosure spike, and the effects of the CARES act on today's real estate market.
Episode 2: If you have the ability to communicate, you have the ability to persuade and at Happy Grasshopper, we believe that conversation is the key to health, wealth, and happiness. In this week's episode, we discuss being a salesperson vs acting as an advisor, how to handle a lost listing from a previous client, and making an awkward situation feel much more comfortable based on how you respond.
Welcome To What To Say Now
Episode 1: If you have the ability to communicate, you have the ability to persuade and at Happy Grasshopper, we believe that conversation is the key to health, wealth, and happiness. In this week's episode, we discuss being a salesperson vs acting as an advisor, how to handle a lost listing from a previous client, and making an awkward situation feel much more comfortable based on how you respond.