In my last post, I taught you about a common storytelling structure called the hero’s journey and explained how the patterns of exit and arrival can help you become a better recruiter. I used Star Wars as an example and explored what Obi-Wan did to find and recruit Luke.

When recruiting, are you Obi-Wan or Luke?

Today, you’ll learn which of the recruitment roles best suit you and specific tactics for attracting the right people to your business, team, organization or mission. You must choose whether you’ll recruit people and send them on their way, like Obi-Wan, OR, if you’ll stay on mission with the people you recruit, like Luke.

So let’s examine the obvious differences between these two types of recruiters as well as their relative strengths and weaknesses.

‘Obi-Wan’s’ have the benefit of finely honed skills developed over long periods of time. They know how to use these skills to well position themselves and motivate others to take action. When you meet an Obi-Wan, they’ll make an impression. You’ll leave them feeling both inspired and curious to know more. They compel you to move forward under your own steam. They help you realize that you are capable of being more than your current reality.

‘Luke’s’ come from an entirely different perspective. They are people of action. They are going places to do important things, and if they believe you can help, they will gladly sweep you up along the way. Their primary strength is their passion and enthusiasm. They will build and maintain a personal relationship with you. A Luke sees your success as their success and is highly committed to seeing you succeed.

As a recruiter, you will very likely play both these roles at various stages of your career. You may even be playing both simultaneously, which gives you a unique opportunity to leverage the strengths of each type.

During my webinar, on November 9th at 3 pm ET, I’ll be exploring these roles and providing clear, concrete steps you can take to improve your recruitment skills.

(This webinar has already taken place. If you’d like to view it please leave your request with a comment below.)

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  1. Being an ardent ‘fan’ of Dan Stewart, I’d LUV to watch his (pre-)recorded video presentation. [How can
    I resist anything “Star Wars” based? ‘THE FORCE’ wouldn’t allow it!]

    Kahl McDevitt
    Jacksonville, FL

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