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  • Improve your follow-up and organize your database.
  • Get more quality conversations.
  • Use the best strategies by industry professionals.

"Happy Grasshopper's positive and powerful content has proven to convert strangers into qualified opportunities!"


How We Work With Growing Real Estate Pros

We are looking for companies to add to our list of success stories.

Our team has a track record of growing real estate agents, brokerages, and teams by helping them convert more conversations into transactions. We know the difference between knowledge and wisdom is experience, and we want to use our’s to grow your business.

We have grown success rates using the following areas of expertise:

  • Individualized sphere follow-up - We've designed our system so that even autoresponders feel like a personalized note written just for them. 
  • Ongoing database nurturing  - Our professional staff of copywriters will compose fresh new content for you to send.. 
  • Multi-channel outreach - The ability to send emails, text messaging, ringless voicemail drops, handwritten cards and personalized gifts to your database.

What you'll get

  • Fresh content and strategies written by experts who’ve done this for over a decade.
  • High quality conversations with your sphere . 
  • A long-term solution to nurturing the contacts who aren't ready to transact today.

ROI and Investment

Here is why so many real estate agents, teams, and brokerages choose to hire us to help them with their lead conversion:

  • Proven Results - For every $1 invested in our customized real estate nurture system, we help drive $11.60 in commission.
  • Higher Value - We produce bigger, better, and more effective results than generic CRM content or a real estate admin.
  • Outcomes, not Effort - Your time is precious. Let us do the hard work while you reap the benefits. 
  • Dedicated Success Coach - Your success is important to us. You will work with a dedicated success coach to guide and help you through the process.
  • Specialized Experience - We've already made the mistakes every agent makes when it comes to lead conversion. You can benefit from our wisdom by steering clear of what not to do.

We can help if you are...

  • A growing agent, team, or broker that knows it can make a bigger impact, if only you could convert more leads.
  • Ready to make your follow-up efforts a permanent, thriving part of your culture.
  • Sick of trying to do it yourself with limited, short-term results.
  • Eager to be recognized and pursued as a local or regional leader in real estate.
  • Ready to commit to a system that consistently and reliably turns leads into clients in a more automated and personalized way. 

Our Ideal Client

  • Wants to grow their income, but has challenges strategically converting contacts into prospects, building relationships with them until they are ready to transact, and then engaging them after the transaction for referrals and testimonials.
  • Wants to hire us because of our expertise and objectivity (it’s unparalleled in our field) combining strategy, systems, and staff. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we take the results we drive for clients very seriously.

You are:

  • Willing to take the time and effort necessary to implement a system that can lead to real change.
  • Quick to connect and share wins and challenges, and quick to implement changes when they make sense. 
  • Responsible for themselves. This means showing up on time, being prepared, and owning problems and solutions.
  • Value-focused and have no hesitation about the investment involved to turn their ideas into action, and confusion into clarity. You’ll happily grow with us as your business grows because not hiring us is much more expensive than doing so.
  • Open to a different perspective on delivering work and communication, and willing to try things out. We believe the best way to grow your recruitment is by being flexible and innovative.

What you should do now

Whenever you're ready... here are 5 ways we can help you recruit more agents: 

  1. Schedule your Strategy Session. If you'd like to work with us to turn your real estate business into an easier, less frustrating experience, claim your FREE Strategy Session Here. One of our experts will understand your current situation, and then suggest practical strategies to improve your sales efforts fast.
  2.  Assess Your Current Needs. Where should you be focusing your time and budget to make the biggest impact possible? Take our real estate business assessment and we'll help guide you in the right direction. 
  3. Go to Our Blog and watch the latest episodes of "What To Say Now"  where you'll  find tips, tools, and scripts we use for our most successful clients. 
  4.  Join our Facebook Group Engage with the professional writers and marketers at Happy Grasshopper® who are always ready, willing, and able to answer your questions and be the first to learn about upcoming webinars, challenges, special events, offers, and much more. 
  5. Share This Page  If you know another real estate agent or broker who'd enjoy reading this page, share it with them via email, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook.

Strategy Session

Are you looking to get more referrals?

Do you feel you're underutilizing your contacts database?
Frustrated for not having high-quality conversations with your sphere?
If you said yes to any of these questions, let's talk.

We'll review your goals, processes, and the gaps between them. You'll leave this call with a fresh take on what's possible.

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