webinar: shift Proof brokerage

Learn the Recruitment & Retention Strategies Top Brokerages Use to Win in Every Market Condition

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What you’ll learn in this webinar:

What Agents Value Most From Their Brokerage

Every brokerage carefully crafts their model, hoping to land on the right combination of brand, commission, culture, and coaching– but which do agents really value? And is there something they value even more?

How To Attract The Best Talent With The Right Mindset

The simple truth is your long-term success is dependent on your ability to get, serve, and keep the right agents for your brand. The challenges are significant:

1) Where do you get them?
2) How do you approach them?
3) How do you help them realize they're ready for change?
4) How can you know they're a good fit?
5) How do you keep them once they've joined you?

Learn what the fastest-growing, highest-producing brokerages are doing now to snap up market share.

How To Create Magnet-Like Attraction Without Having To Manage Technology

While brokers identify recruitment as a top priority, finding time to do it well is a major challenge, especially for those uncomfortable with rapidly changing technology. The good news is that if you're focused on being an amazing broker, you don't have to be an amazing technologist. 

After all, it's 2021, and we should expect the technology we use to be fast, efficient, and easy to use. Join us for this special webinar and get ready to finish the year strong!

Dan Stewart

Dan Stewart

Founder & CEO | Happy Grasshopper

Logos of the real estate companies that Happy Grasshopper helps with content for their email marketing, lead conversion, referral generation, and agent recruiting efforts

With more than 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, Dan Stewart has personally recruited hundreds of employees. This practical experience prepared him to help real estate organizations identify, attract, and recruit the ideal talent for their needs. Today, as CEO of Happy Grasshopper, he's responsible for creating content strategies that cut through the noise of real estate recruiting.

Whether serving a small boutique brokerage or the industry's largest brands, Dan has built a reputation for building people and profits. He is the founder of four multi-million dollar companies, an international speaker, and absolutely certain that the success (or failure!) of any venture is the direct result of who it is able to attract.