October is here and our Q4 mojo is cranked up to eleven! Who’s with us? Do you feel it? Are you ready to make Q4 the best Q ever?


Happy Grasshopper is looking for 100 agents willing to earn $10k in GCI each by the end of October. Are you a good fit? Read on to find out.

It’s the fourth quarter and you’re running out of time to meet your 2017 goals. If you need more transactions, read on and learn how to get them.

STEP ONE – Grab your database by the scruff and make it pay.
There’s a reason people say there’s ‘fortune in the follow up’ and ‘your database is your business.’ They say it because it’s true. If your database isn’t giving you the returns it should be, now’s the time to take control and fix it. We’ll show you how to simplify and organize your contacts for generating business.

STEP TWO – Resurrect your Zombies (just in time for Halloween)
The average real estate lead gets 1.5 phone calls and 2.07 emails* before being declared dead, while most internet leads begin registering 8 to 12 months before they are ready for a transaction. This is why most of your internet leads don’t respond– they’re not ready for you yet.

It also means that there’s PLENTY of value in reaching out to your old, cold, ‘dead’ leads when you approach them the right way. We’ll show you how.

STEP THREE – Find out if you can be helped!
Take our quick assessment and find out if you’re a good candidate for Happy Grasshopper. Assuming you are, we’ll work together to tame your database and activate it for GCI. All month long, we’ll be teaching and preaching from the good book of Lead Conversion and Database Nurturing. Our first webinar is scheduled for Wednesday, October 11th at 2pm EDT. Grab your spot now while there’s still room.

*Per a study conducted by the Wav Group

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