webinar: the relationship ratio

Learn the Automated 41-Touch Strategy Everyone Can Use to Find Transactions Now

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What you’ll learn in this webinar:

The Simple Way to Organize And Automate your database

Of all the hundreds of tags, groups, and categories you may find in a database, there are only two types of people: those that know us and those that don't. We'll show you the simple method of mastering lead generation– without buying leads.

conversation leads to contracts

The simple truth is that every single one of us has to live somewhere and nearly all of us know someone who's thinking of moving. When you think about it, it's hard to understand why so many agents struggle to reach their goals. The reason? They don't know how to put themselves at the center of the real estate conversation.

Data Diamonds: How As Few As 100 Contacts Can Bring 12 Transactions Per Year

Over the past decade, Happy Grasshopper has delivered hundreds of millions of messages. The data is in and the news is great– you DO NOT have spend a fortune on leads and systems to build a fantastic career in real estate.

Chirp™ for Mitch Ribak's eXP organization

As you almost certainly know, Mitch Ribak is dedicated to improving the lives of as many people as possible. At the end of this session, you'll be given an opportunity use Chirp™ Happy Grasshopper® at 50% off the regular rate– courtesy of Mitch Ribak!

Mitch Ribak

Realtor, Speaker, Author, Rock God | eXp Realty

In 2001, Mitch found his calling in real estate. Since then, he's built an international reputation as a leading speaker, author, and lead generator. Mitch joined eXp in 2017, where his organization has grown to almost 1500.   

Dan Stewart

Founder & CEO | Happy Grasshopper

After exiting his previous software company, Dan founded Happy Grasshopper in 2011, where he's focused on helping real estate professionals do just three things: 1) Generate new business from past clients and sphere 2) Convert leads and 3) Attract and recruit talent to their organizations.