webinar: power positioning

Power Positioning

How to Win Every Opportunity

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What you’ll learn in this webinar:

What Positioning Means To Your Business

The most effective sales professionals know that properly positioning themselves is the fastest way to increase sales. How? By helping your prospects see you as a unique, separate entity with whom they feel aligned. When done well, positioning silences your competition while magnetically attracting ideal clients.

Identify Your Target And Position Yourself To Win

Where are you needed in your market? It's essential to be able to identify your position and the market needs. How do you read the market and meet the demand to poise yourself to dominate the market, and your competition, quickly and easily.

How To Create An Army Of Advocates Driving People To You

As a sales professional, when we tell people about our strengths, they may wonder if we're telling the truth. This is why the most successful sales professionals have learned to get their best clients to sing their praises for them. During this session, I'll break down exactly how you can do the same. 

Dan Stewart

Dan Stewart

Founder & CEO | Happy Grasshopper

Logos of the real estate companies that Happy Grasshopper helps with content for their email marketing, lead conversion, referral generation, and agent recruiting efforts

With more than 20 years as a serial entrepreneur, Dan Stewart has positioned himself as a leading expert in driving real estate sales. Today, as CEO of Happy Grasshopper, he's responsible for creating content strategies that cut through the noise of real estate marketing and deliver value to 1,000s of real estate professionals around the world.

Whether serving a small boutique brokerage or the industry's largest brands, Dan has built a reputation for building people and profits. He is the founder of four multi-million dollar companies, an international speaker, and absolutely certain that the success (or failure!) of any venture is the direct result of who it is able to attract.